Pratt & Whitney, a Raytheon Technologies Company (RTX)

What was the interview for an Aerospace Engineering Intern position at Pratt & Whitney like?

To prepare for an interview I would recommend that you get familiar with Pratt & Whitney (and UTC) as a whole. Look at their website and really understand what their mission and goals are about. This is important because, during the interview, your interviewer asks you questions that try to see i...
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What's it like being an Aerospace Engineering Intern at Pratt & Whitney?

Depending on the position you received, you might be working in an office setting or even down on the shop floor. Regardless, every intern gets assigned a mentor or several mentors that will be by his or her side throughout the internship. The great thing about being a Pratt & Whitney intern is t...
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As an Aerospace Engineering major, how prepared were you for your job as an Aerospace Engineering Intern at Pratt & Whitney?

Your Aerospace Engineering coursework will definitely be handy but no worries if you are unfamiliar with a topic. What you do not know will be taught to you. For my position as a Structural Engineer intern, I had to apply my knowledge from Mechanics of Materials and other structures classes. Whet...
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