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Do you think The Home Depot is a good place to kickstart a career in retail/sales?

I have been working for the Home Depot for 16 months. Currently I am enrolled at UCF for my MBA. Store management pride themselves about earning a good income without a college degree. They do not develop nor coach college students at the store that I work at.
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Does Home Depot offer any type of training program for their retail positions?

The training program for The Home Depot cashiers is about 2-3 days of shadowing then being shadowed by a more trained employee then every month there are online programs that take maybe 5-10 min that you do during your shift.
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What should I know before my interview at Home Depot for a retail sales position? Any pointers?

The main qualities or experiences that you should highlight in an interview for a cashiering position at The Home Depot would be that you are a hard worker, honest, and have values. Being hardworking shows you’ve got work ethic, honesty and portrayal of values show that you should and can be trus...
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How would you describe the company culture at Home Depot?

There is definitely a strong sense of teamwork. We all work as a team to ensure customers are 100% satisfied from the time they enter the door until they leave the register. It's okay to not have the right answer all the time. When I get stuck, I can easily ask a fellow cashier or call an associa...
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I've heard a recruiter from Home Depot will be at my school's career fair. How can I market myself to them?

One must definitely have a smile and be professional. Being able to keep a good conversation with a recruiter shows promise that you will help customers as you walk through the aisle. The Home Depot recruiters look for someone who is outgoing and that are willing to learn valuable information fro...
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What's a typical work day like for customer service and sales associates at the Home Depot? What would I be doing?

As a cashier, I ensure customers are cared for professionally during the checkout process by addressing any unmet needs. I scan accurately by looking inside and under the cart in order to scan each individual item. Additionally, I try to exceed company’s credit card promotion by asking customers ...
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What does it take to succeed as an employee at The Home Depot?

To succeed at The Home Depot, workers need to take the initiative to learn. Learning a little about each department will help customers greatly and the worker less dependent on coworkers. Engaging with customers and being willing to help is also another way to succeed. You want to provide excepti...
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What are some questions I should ask a recruiter from Home Depot at an upcoming career fair?

It would depend what job opportunity the applicant is applying for. I would ask job specific questions such as what are my daily tasks going to include? What are some learning curves I’m going to go through? What are some things I can do now to better prepare me for my first day?
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If I accept this sales associate job at HD, will I have any work-life balance?

So I worked at Home Depot as a summer job, usually under 40 hours a week. So the work-life balance was pretty flexible; if you want extra hours, there are usually people who wouldn't mind you taking over their shift. Management will probably confine you to a max of 40 hours a week (otherwise they...
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From your experience, is THD a good company to start a career in logistics?

THD is an AMAZING place to jump start a career. You may start out as a Logistics Analyst and realize immediately you're in the right company, right department, and right team. If you don't feel that way, there are myriad departments at THD that are very easy to lateral or move up into once you'...
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What job options are available to someone with a social work degree? Any positions at Home Depot?

The possible career paths for Social Work-MSW is Children and Family; that is taking care of the entire family as household. MSW- Social Worker can work in the Human Resources Department , and Cooperate Affair of The Home Depot.
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Does HD look for certain qualities when interviewing candidates for a sales consultant position?

Sales experience, particularly in-person, whether that be door to door, business to business, or retail. I would also emphasize customer relations and satisfaction, HDE is technically a separate corporate entity from Home Depot itself but you wear an apron just like all other Home Depot employees...
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Should I expect training for this sales consultant position at Home Depot?

Training takes place for a week in Atlanta where you will learn how to price home improvement projects, create value in your pitch, and learn all about HDE products.
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Does Home Depot offer a mentorship program? If so, how does it work?

At the Home Depot where I worked, there was no mentorship program at the time and I don't believe such a program existed prior. Again, I want to note that I simply worked as a retail associate at the time; depending on the type of position that you are applying for (i.e., financial analyst, strat...
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Patience aside, what skills will help me succeed as a special services associate at HD?

You need to be able to handle more than one task at a time, efficiently and to switch between tasks easily. You must be comfortable dealing with very upset or even confrontational customers or at least be able to conduct yourself professionally when faced with downright disrespect. You must be ab...
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I've landed an interview for a department supervisor position at Home Depot. What main qualities/experiences should I highlight?

I would say that your mechanical aptitude and customer service ability under stress are the two biggest strengths you could bring to the table. There is a decent possibility that the person interviewing you doesn't know the department very well, so they will be looking for those two qualities bec...
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Will I have much, if any, work-life balance as a special services associate at HD?

Depending if you are part-time or full-time, a work-life balance should be fairly easy to maintain. This is not a job that comes home with you and typically once you clock out you are done for the night. The store I worked at was very understanding of my scheduling needs and I had no issues balan...
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Can someone tell me what a cashier supervisor at Home Depot does? Is this a manager position?

Cashier Supervisors basic duties involve solving problems for cashiers. Basically, there are 4-5 of us employed at any given store. Someone gets there in the morning and collects money from the vault, sets up all the registers, and writes the break schedule for the day. Throughout the day, we hol...
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How much does a cashier earn at Home Depot?

I got paid 11.25 while I was there, but that was a couple years ago so its most likely risen by now. My guess, closer to 12.50 or 13.
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What would you say were your favourite and least favourite aspects of being a sales associate at THD?

With my time at The Home Depot, I loved my coworkers. The Home depot has a really family like employee base, and that was a great. The home depot also has an extremely extensive online training program, I spent about a month in the beginning learning about home depot, the industry, how to handle ...
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