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Does BAE Systems invest in your personal/professional growth?

As a BAE Intern, I am part of their Intern LEAP Program which stands for Lead, Engage, Apply, Perform. Here I am able to network with other interns across the nation, take advantage of learning workshops, and do summer challenges with other interns. This has been a great way for me to understand ...
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From your experience, do you believe BAE Systems is good place to work at?

BAE Systems has been an excellent place for me to kickstart a career through the FLDP because it provided me with a structural support system of people, both mentors and current participants, training, and three distinct roles that provided a variety of experiences and opportunities. I think the ...
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What were the pros and cons of being an Intern at BAE Systems?

I did like the software team that is at the Sterling Heights location, they're very supportive. The actual development team at Sterling Heights, is lacking in training experience. I was expected to know how to interact in an environment that I didn't have experience in. There was only 1 develope...
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How is success defined at BAE Systems?

To succeed at BAE Systems Inc. and any other company for that matter, you have to have a keen interest in the responsibilities you will take on as an intern. You need to have the ability to network once you’re here and throughout the whole process (Interview and Internship) you need to be enthusi...
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If you don't mind me asking, but how much were you paid as an intern at BAE Systems?

There are Technical Intern positions that vary from 1-4. Technical Intern 1 is the first stage usually intended for individuals after their Freshman Year of college, so you are compensated accordingly. Usually this ranges from $14-$20 an hour depending on your location and other factors.
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Specifically for someone working as an All-Source Intelligence at BAE Systems, what would you say are the skills required to be successful at your job?

To be a successful All-Source Intelligence Analyst you must have excellent written communications skills. Almost all of your work is going to be produced in written format and needs to be made at the most professional level, as it will be reviewed and read by other analysts from all over the Inte...
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Can someone with experience talk about what I should highlight in my Electrical Engineering interview at BAE Systems?

The position required a security clearance so showing you can be trustworthy is important. These positions are geared more toward project management with an engineering technical expertise so you may want to highlight: 1. ability to lead teams 2. ability to multi-task with tight deadlines 3. abi...
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What's the training program specifically for an Electrical Engineer at BAE Systems?

1. There are online classes to take for certifications 2. New hires are usually given a bunch of materials to read to catch up a. Management is very understanding that your not an expert in this field and any new hire usually takes 2 to 3 years to fully get a handle on everything ...
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BAE Systems will be at a job fair I will be attending.. how do I market myself confidently to their recruiter?

It depends on the position or career path you are applying. BAE it’s in great need of people with electronic manufacturing experience and/or STEM backgrounds. Project management experience is considered a great asset at BAE since we are a project based company. For an entry career level position,...
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What does your day to day look like as a Production Planning Principal at BAE Systems?

In this position you run material analysis, issue requisitions of parts, follow up on open purchase orders, destructive physical analysis and testing of parts. Schedule and release work orders for kitting and assembly. Support engineering change order process, inventory management and shipping of...
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Can someone provide an inside look at what the culture is like at BAE Systems?

They strive to create an environment where employees feel like part of a family. They embrace diversity. Volunteering opportunities are available to help the community. There are annual softball, soccer, ping pong tournaments. BAE it’s in generational change as a lot of our workforce it’s retiring.
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Aside from specific interview tips for job roles, any general advice for BAE Systems that is applicable to anyone applying for a position?

First of all, they like to know about your technical expertise. What technologies do you have experience with, what languages do you know? Arguably most important is the communication aspect. They need to know that you have strong verbal and written communication skills.
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What do I need to know heading into an interview for a process engineering co-op at BAE Systems?

Most of the questions in my interview were behavioral, so just normal interview questions (Ex: Tell me about yourself, strengths/weakness, tell me about a time you had to resolve a conflict...etc.). The only technical related discussions were about classes that I had taken. I would suggest being ...
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What does someone do as part of a process engineering co-op at BAE Systems?

My position here is pretty typical of an engineering intern. I spend a decent amount of time at my desk reviewing and correcting documents, reading process narratives, helping the engineers on my project with smaller day to day tasks such as calculations, Excel spreadsheets, and AutoCAD. The proj...
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For BAE Systems' Financial Leadership Development Program (FLDP), what should I make sure to talk about in my interview?

In regards to the qualities and experiences an FLDP candidate should be able to speak to, it perhaps goes without saying that the "L", which stands for "leadership" is really the distinguishing characteristic a candidate can exhibit. To me what demonstrating leadership means is the candidate's ab...
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Anybody think a chemical engineering major is helpful for someone heading into a process engineering co-op at BAE Systems?

I felt about as prepared as I could be for this co-op, from a classroom standpoint. The calculations that I am often asked to do are usually ones from Fluids or Mass and Energy. I will say I definitely find myself doing google searches to remember some formulas, but the classroom experience is de...
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How is the training program structured for BAE System's Financial Leadership Development Program?

Training for an FLDP is integrated throughout the 3 year rotational process. In the area of technical skills, the progression begins with core building blocks of financial analysis in the business model in the aerospace and defense contracting industry. We recognize that there is gap to fill betw...
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How much can I expect to be compensated if I decide to work at BAE Systems?

The compensation varies depending on your analyst title level (junior, mid, senior, etc.) which is based on your experience and education put together. It also can vary depending on your clearance level (Analysts with current polygraphs make more for example) and your client (TSA pays far less th...
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Does anyone have specific interview tips for Imagery Analyst interview with BAE Systems?

The main qualities that you should highlight include your prior experience exploiting imagery. If you have military experience you should highlight that as well. Any training on advanced imagery analytics or RADAR theory should work their way into the conversation.
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How much work-life balance can I expect as an All Source Intelligence Analyst at BAE Systems?

Your work-life balance will depend on the contract you are hired for. Most contracts are billed on a by week or two week basis and your hours have to billed within that time. I have worked for a contract where I was assigned to a client and they had only paid for me to work 40 hours a week, 50 we...
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