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Talking points for my interview for Editor in Chief at The Odyssey? If you're a writer and have gone through a similar journey, feel free to join in the conversation!

Definitely highlight editing and writing experience. Group work and community work is also important because you work with a team. If you have good examples of tricky communication, that's great too. Working on online interfaces helps too.
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How much should I expect to make working as an Editor in Chief at The Odyssey?

The expected compensation changes. When you first begin you will more than likely receive no payment for quite a while, but as your community that you run grows, you begin to get paid as the amount of views and content creators rise. Odyssey has their own set tiers in their handbook that explain ...
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What would I need to know when prepping to interview for a President position at a business like The Odyssey?

Presidents of Odyssey chapters must have a strong grasp of the functioning and system of the organization as a whole. Previous experience as an editor or Editor-in-Chief is one of the best ways to prepare, but a committed and passionate writer could also take on the position if they're willing to...
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I'm curious what it's like to work as the President of a business like The Odyssey. Anybody able to share some insight on this?

As an Odyssey President, I start by liking and posting photos on the Instagram account to expand our brand. I then will continue the day by promoting the group on campus and interviewing potential creators. Presidents also manage and solve problems with content while also writing four articles pe...
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