I'm wanting an insider's look into the daily schedule of a biomedical engineering intern at Medtronic!

For me, my time during each day was split between lab work and desk work; part of the day I would test medical devices and execute various protocols, while the other part of my day would be analyzing that data at my computer and writing up an engineering report. Meetings would also take place alm...
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How can one prepare to be interviewed for a process engineering internship at Medtronic?

You should expect to get a lot of questions about your technical project experience. Most of my interviews (I had 4 in total - one with a campus rep and then three different managers one of which hired me) were about the work I've done in previous internships and in school. Make sure to be famili...
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What are some typical day-to-day tasks that I might do as a process engineering intern at Medtronic?

Most of my days focused on dealing with the daily problems that came up on the line. My bigger projects were about improving yield, increasing efficiency, and reducing scrap cost on the line. I would also investigate non-conforming product that made it past our inspection points to figure out why...
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How well could a major in mechanical engineering prepare someone to be a process engineering intern at Medtronic?

My major helped me in the fact that it gave me a good background in problem solving and general understanding of a variety of manufacturing processes. In general my work was not technically related to any of my classes but I definitely felt more prepared feeling comfortable on a manufacturing flo...
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