About Medtronic

The possibilities at the intersection of medicine and technology are endless, which means endless opportunities to make your mark on the world. From your first day at Medtronic you’ll join a team of more than 90,000 employees across 150+ countries. Together, we treat 70+ conditions (and counting) and help millions get the care they need regardless of where they live or what challenges they face.

We’re here to support you in every aspect of life. Your unique perspective, contributions, and beliefs can transform a job into a rewarding career that changes lives. Our partnership will help you:
• Build a better world, exploring new healthcare technologies while amplifying your impact on the causes that matter to you
• Grow a career reflective of your intellect, passion, and abilities
• Connect to a community that invests in a dynamic and inclusive culture and welcomes the challenge of lifelong learning

The people we serve don’t just need support. They need partners with an unshakable vision and dedication to health. And with thinkers like you on our team, we’ll continue to shape and improve the health of people around the world.


Supplier Quality Engineer Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Memphis, TN
“It was very collaborative. No one person could complete something without input from another team member.”

Statistics Coop

May 2020 - April 2021 North Haven, CT
“Overall great experience!”
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How can one prepare to be interviewed for a process engineering internship at Medtronic?

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What are some typical day-to-day tasks that I might do as a process engineering intern at Medtronic?

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