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Will soon be interviewed for a pharmacy internship at The Kroger Co. and seeking some advice!

Kroger was a great company to work for to gain experience as an intern. Generally, they are well staffed with adequate pharmacists and technicians, and this allows the intern to focus more on developing clinical skills, as opposed to simply acting as a glorified technician. When interviewing, Kro...
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What does a work day often look like for someone who's a pharmacy intern at Kroger?

Generally, when I would arrive at my store, I would begin by making sure that the team was up to speed for that given point in the day, and, if they weren't, I would jump into to whatever role was needed to get ahead (acting as a technician mainly in this scenario). However, after the pharmacy wa...
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Can anybody give their honest thoughts on the culture at Kroger?

The culture at Kroger is a very positive one. They make sure that they put the patient first in all areas, and they are generally well staffed to allow for a good working environment. The focus is not so much on making money (after all, the grocery store itself is the primary money-maker...the ph...
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What skills are going to be most useful for someone who takes on a pharmacy internship at The Kroger Co.?

Communication and a willingness to learn are probably the two most important skills as an intern. The position you are in is a unique one, and can be challenging at times, but your ability to handle that stress by relying on your other team members and communicating well with your pharmacists, te...
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Seeking insight into any potential pros or cons related to a pharmacy internship at Kroger!

The main thing that I disliked stemmed from times where finding adequate staff was difficult. The part that I didn't like were when I was coming to work to act as an intern and learn, but I had to spend the entire time simply performing technician duties because the store didn't have enough perso...
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How does Kroger stand out again its competition?

I think one of the main area Kroger stands out is in customer service, as they do not preach that we should simply do what we need to to earn an extra dollar, but that we should do what we can to help the patient. In addition, they generally have adequate staffing for daily activities of the phar...
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How can participants prepare to interview for a nutrition clerk role at Kroger?

Have your resume available and bring a cover letter if possible. Be relaxed but be professional. Dress up a bit to impress and be ready to answer questions abut customer service. They will ask you questions about that and ask you about your personality. If you have prior customer service experien...
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I'm not familiar with the role of a nutrition clerk at Kroger, so what do they do?

A day in the life pretty much consists of stocking the shelves and answering customer questions. You should try to become familiar with the products (specifically alternatives to dairy, gluten, meat, and eggs) so that if asked you can recommend one to a customer. You will also do markdowns and lo...
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Nutrition Specialist position at The Kroger Co.?

There will be some general customer service type questions and behavior/scenario questions. IE, tell me about a time when you faced adversity, led a team, had a conflict with a co-worker, disagreed with management. Then there will be some nutrition questions! You will be asked basic nutrients and...
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