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What did you do for your interview for an Account Management Intern position at FCB Health?

Be ready to create a video where you talk about yourself or tell some kind of story. I did it, despite not having had a creative role.Also be prepared to talk about general communication skills and strategies that you’ve developed throughout your internship/education experience. They’re not going...
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What's it like to work as an Account Management Intern at FCB Health?

You are assigned a mentor at one of the agencies in the network. You shadow that mentor for the first three days of the week, helping support their brand team and the various projects that you may be put on. I made project calendars, updated scopes of work and recorded meetings for reflection aft...
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What do you do day to day as an Account Management Intern at FCB Health?

FCB is a health care advertising company so you will be working on different advertising campaigns for different pharmaceutical companies. Monday-Wednesday you work with a full time team that is in progress on a campaign. This could mean working with the strategy team talking with people who are ...
Internship Day in the Life
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