What were your responsibilities as a President Assistant at HSBC?

- Assisted the bank’s president and vice president to work with particular businesses and clients - Completed several credit reports and assisted the organization of clients’ information and documents - Communicated with targeted clients and conducted the credit evaluation of targeted enterprise
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How would you describe HSBC's culture from your own personal experience?

Strictly speaking, I proceeded my internship in HSBC's subsidiary bank. So the culture there might be a little different from HSBC's headquarter. But generally, every HSBC's enterprise emphasizes teamwork. As far as I am concerned, join up and teamwork is the most significant culture in HSBC.
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What did your day to day look like as a Treasury Intern at HSBC?

HSBC as an organization has a lot of financial resources and networks across the globe and these credentials instill a sense of confidence in every single employee. Whether you're a Junior Analyst or the Treasurer, the members of the organization pledge allegiance in creating a strong of belongin...
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My summer internship with HSBC has been great, and I'm wondering if there will be an opportunity for a full time offer. Any insights from previous interns?

The answer to this question summarizes everything I mentioned previously and I'm only answering to those who are somewhat sure that they want to pursue a path in the financial sector. There are three pillars in the financial sector: creativity, versatility, and agility. Before you land into your...
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What do I need to have skill-wise to succeed as an incoming software engineer at HSBC?

In HSDC, they value business knowledge more than technical skills. Basic programming skill would be enough. Other skills like English skill, the attitude to work and learn, the communication skill would help you a lot to become a successful associate software engineer.
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Is it hard to have a good work-life balance as an engineer at HSBC?

HSDC values work-life balance greatly. Even new employee could have many annual leave, and the company also has core leave policy which regulate every employee have to take at least half of his annual leave in one time to ensure every one has enough time to rest. HSDC have flexible working hour a...
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