What did your day to day look like as a Treasury Intern at HSBC?

What did your day to day look like as a Treasury Intern at HSBC?
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Former Treasury Intern at HSBC

about 2 years ago
HSBC as an organization has a lot of financial resources and networks across the globe and these credentials instill a sense of confidence in every single employee. Whether you're a Junior Analyst or the Treasurer, the members of the organization pledge allegiance in creating a strong of belonging and importance. However, this isn't to say the intrapersonal interactions are the only anchors that build job satisfaction in the work environment. To maintain organizational growth, the employees must value the work itself, which leads me to highlight one important message to take away: if you don't like finance, HSBC's will look like a satanic temple where you are tortured with pressure and boredom. There's an everlasting cliche rooted in every career pathway one follows: if you don't love it, you're going to eventually disengage. However, in the banking sector, this argument intensifies due to the supervisor's demand from their subordinates to remain acute at all times. In computer science, one syntax error may cause the whole program to crash and you'll have to rewrite the code again. In banking(especially in the Treasury department where I interned,) one syntax error can cost the company thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars. So my advice to every single prospective banking intern: gain some background knowledge about the core operations of a bank before you enter the workplace.
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