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What are the main qualities/experiences that I should really focus on in an interview for an analytics and BI internship at Dell?

Any coding and analytics experiences you have had in classes, side projects, and previous internships. In addition, highlight your teamwork and communication/presentation skills.
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What do Dell product managers do? Which projects do they get to work on?

Product management at Dell are thought leaders who act as mini CEOs of their own product line. We actively listen and take inputs from customers, industry trends, sales organizations, etc. to build world class technology solutions that our customers can deploy to run their businesses most effici...
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what did you like and dislike about being a an Operations Analyst at Dell?

I really liked the ability to dive into the role of what someone working as a sustainability analyst would be doing from day one. I was able to take ownership of my section (carbon emissions) and be the point person in the team when outside partners had questions. There really wasn't anything I d...
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What are the main qualities/experiences that I should focus on in an interview for a Executive Assistant position at Dell?

When applying for an Executive Assistant position at Dell, I would highlight the following qualities: teamwork, organization, and willingness to be flexible in job responsibilities. Experiences transferable include expense reporting, strong software skills, calendar management, and Six Sigma ex...
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What are the main qualities/experiences that I should focus on in an interview for a Software Development Intern position at Dell Software?

Highlight traits and experience that show initiative. Larger companies like to see that you can independently create value, without constant guidance from a manager.
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What does a test engineer do at Dell?

Roles and Responsibilities that I did as a Associate Test Engineer: • Involved in execution of automated testcases and rectifying the script errors (800+ automated scripts) • Development of new automation scripts using python and selenium • Created test plan and test strategy for various releases...
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