What is it like to work as a Sales Analyst Intern at Dell?

What is it like to work as a Sales Analyst Intern at Dell?
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Former Sales Analyst Intern at Dell EMC

over 2 years ago
I would always get to work before 9 am, craft my coffee in the cafeteria, then go to my very own cubicle. My first task of the day was to record all the sales the reps had made, around the world, overnight. I did multiple projects like this; where you are pulling data and then manipulating it for certain fields. That is the proverbial "gist of it." But there is so much more! You will have a manager, your boss, who will delegate to you what to do and this is a very special person because not only are they your mentor but also your biggest supporter. I worked with an excellent manager, her and I got along great and accomplished some intriguing work. She even allowed me to co-manage an official department survey, which I thought was a big step for an intern. So to sum up; you will pull a lot of data and work a lot with excel but you will meet wonderful people and learn so much about the company and business itself.
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