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Does American Express a mentorship program for either their interns or employees?

American Express does offer an employee mentorship program, open to all areas of the company. Every employee is eligible and will be paired with someone based on each person's interest. Mentor roles are typically open to those who are either tenured employees and/or in leadership positions (subor...
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Would you recommend American Express as a possible career destination for someone?

I think so, as there are virtual opportunities, there is opportunities to explore available career offerings after a year on the job, they have really good benefits, a degree of flexibility for scheduling of you work virtually, and they pay well, with great incentives. The only thing I can add i...
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Is the culture at American Express welcoming?

As an extern I was invited into the marketing department for the day. There, I spent my time meeting with Cornell Alumni from all different sectors of the marketing company. I met with at least 6 different people who spoke to me about their experience at American Express and working in the market...
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For someone interested in American Express's Account Development Consultant role, what tips can you offer about their interview process?

You would want to highlight any experience you have in sales and more specifically B2B sales. If applicable, any experience you have managing a portfolio of clients, experience in financial industry, phone based sales, etc. Also if you possess the qualities of: - Quick learner - Quick to adapt...
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What would you say is important to know in regards to succeeding at American Express?

To succeed at American Express, one needs to be good at two things - good with numbers, and good with people. A sound knowledge of Statistics, Data Analytics, Credit Risk Basics, Credit Card Lifecycle, and Business Strategy would turn an ordinary candidate into not only a successful interviewee b...
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How much were you paid in your role at American Express?

For graduate level roles, it is around $50 per hour, and undergraduate it should be around $40/ hour. They do provide a relocation bonus of $5000
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What's the interview process like for an incoming Consumer Account Specialist at American Express?

I would say commitment to overcoming obstacles and finding resolutions to problems. AMEX has a strong objective towards customer focus, that’s the crux of their brand and expected with every interaction. That should be a focus for every reply relating to interview questions regarding customer int...
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What would you say are valuable skills to have in a customer facing role at American Express?

One of the key skills of customer service is a timely response -- usually within 24 hours of the customer's question/request. Even if there isn't a complete answer to the customer's question or the customer's request cannot be fully completed, some sort of communication should be maintained betw...
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What does a day in the life look like for a software engineer at American Express?

The day in the life of a Junior Engineer at American Express starts out with your team's daily standup meeting. At American Express they utilize the Agile methodology's SCRUM framework. So my days usually consisted of working on whatever user story i was assigned, daily standup, planning, test, r...
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Is it likely that I can get a return offer after my internship at American Express?

If you would like to turn your internship into a full-time position, I would say to come into it as a sponge willing to soak up all information you learn there. Be open minded and apply whatever you learn on a daily basis to long-term projects. Another way is to somehow make a meaningful contribu...
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Any good tips on securing an internship in the first place at AmEx?

1. Network like crazy and make sure you leave a lasting impression on those who already work there full-time. 2. Make sure to take the initiative and ask your manager for bi-weekly check in meetings. 3. Don't be afraid to ask questions, people are usually willing to help you learn. 4. Don't sit a...
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What do you recommend highlight in my interview at American Express for their Business Analyst role?

If you know SAS, SQL well then you would have edge over others in the interview. My interview was on case studies, puzzles, SAS queries. Also, concentrate on how SAS works on the back end. Knowing only how to write a query would not be enough. For instance: Which statement works faster? where o...
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How would you describe the work-life balance as a Travel Consultant at American Express?

I worked for American Express for a little over a year and a half as a travel consultant. In the Phoenix office, they were open 7 days a week 6am - 9pm and you receive 30 minutes for lunch with 2 15 minute schedules breaks. At first, my schedule was great - M-F 7am - 3:30pm for training. Once I f...
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What should I know before interviewing for a network engineering optimization internship at American Express?

Prepare for a skype case interview. Didn't throw any curveballs, just prepare as you would normally for a case interview (practice math, have a few handy stats ready). Make sure you outline a structure in how you will approach the case and walk through your thought process
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