Engineers: Interview tips on what to highlight with Alcon?

One of the biggest skills I developed during my time as an Intern for Alcon was technical writing. Since Alcon creates medical devices, there are strict regulations that affect basically everything you do. These regulations require you to be very thorough when drafting formal documents. For this ...
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How much can an engineering intern at Alcon expect to be paid?

My internship was paid, and I was very fortunate for it being so. My wage was great in helping me to fund my college education. While I am not going to divulge my hourly wage, I would suggest that anything ranging from 15-25 $/hr would be an appropriate expectation. With that being said, I would ...
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For my upcoming interview with Alcon, what should I make sure to NOT ask in terms of questions?

I would never dicourage asking questions to recruiters. My reccomendation is to do your research beforehand and come prepared with genuine questions that are specific to Alcon and the work they do. The worst thing you could do is to show up and ask basic questions such as "What does your company ...
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Can co-ops expect some sort of mentorship program at Alcon?

Alcon does assign a mentor to each co-op that enters their program. The mentors are responsible for getting the co-op started with their on-boarding procedure as well as assign them their first set of projects. The mentor usually has an open door policy where the co-op can come and ask any questi...
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What were some useful skills you developed during your co-op working at Alcon?

The primary skills that you'll need for your co-op are soft skills! Even though a solid technical knowledge of basic engineering principles will come in handy (CAD modeling, FEA, Statics/Dynamics, etc...), the most important skills are the ones that will allow you to learn and absorb the experien...
Co-Op Alcon Medical Devices Quality Inspector
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What were some of the questions you got in your behavioral interview with Alcon?

From my personal experience with the interview, the HR questions were pretty basic ones about how to deal with project team mates. One question that comes to mind was roughly, "How would you deal with a team member who is not pulling their weight in a project. Someone who is missing deadlines and...
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How do I prepare for an interview for an Sales Intern position at Alcon?

The best way to prepare for an interview is researching the company and its culture, as well as the product. The best advice I can give for the interview is be yourself, show the interviewers why you want to work there and why you are a good fit with specific examples.
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What's a day in the life of a Sales Intern at Alcon like?

It is a very hands on internship. On a daily basis you are working not only with your team, but also with the customers. I did various sales and service calls each day as well as training sessions to learn more about the sales strategy and the product.
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