Engineers: Interview tips on what to highlight with Alcon?

Engineers: Interview tips on what to highlight with Alcon?
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Former Engineering Intern at Alcon

about 3 years ago
One of the biggest skills I developed during my time as an Intern for Alcon was technical writing. Since Alcon creates medical devices, there are strict regulations that affect basically everything you do. These regulations require you to be very thorough when drafting formal documents. For this reason, I would see it as a good skill to highlight, because no matter what department you would be working in, you are going to have to write clear and concise formal documents. Another skill to highlight would be intrapersonal communication. While at Alcon, there were many times when my work relied upon the work of others. Being able to effectively communicate with others in a positive and productive manner was very helpful in making sure my projects were completed on time. Lastly, being able to work independently is a major skill. Coming into my position, my co-workers were very helpful in teaching me about validation. For the first week they accompanied me and walked me through my initial work. Shortly after that, I had to become much more independent, working on my own individual projects. While I worked individually on projects, these projects still contributed to a larger goal. You are never expected to be able to do everything on your own, but it definitely helps to have a can-do attitude and an ambition to get things done!
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