About Women4Change

Our Mission:
Women4Change Indiana is a nonpartisan, grassroots, collaborative organization whose mission is to equip and mobilize women to engage effectively in political and civic affairs in order to strengthen our democracy and to advocate for the leadership, health, safety, and dignity of all women in Indiana.
Our founders, Rabbi Sandy Sasso and Jennifer Nelson Williams, were deeply disturbed by the breakdown in civility witnessed during the heated 2016 presidential campaign. After the election, they decided to do something to help restore civil discourse in our society. When more than 800 people showed up for the first meeting of Women4Change Indiana (W4CI), they knew they were onto something big, so they established a steering committee to help develop a strategic plan that would guide the organization's focus in the long term.
In October 2017, a board of directors was convened. The board, along with Executive Director Rima Shahid, will oversee the implementation of this plan moving forward.

You can learn more about Women4Change Indiana on our website:


Communications Coordinator

April 2020 - August 2020 Indianapolis, IN
“I loved doing meaningful advocacy and educational work, and feeling like I was really making a change in the state of Indiana. ”
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