Wesley Woods Inc.

About Wesley Woods Inc.

Wesley Woods is nestled on 600 woodland acres in Northwest Pennsylvania. We offer summer camp as well as year round programming for children and adults. Founded in 1951, Wesley Woods is a place where children and adults can come to escape everyday life and grow in faith and spirit, regardless of generation or denomination.

If you join our team, you'll make an eternal impact on the life of children, make friends that last a lifetime, have an incredibly fun summer, all while being paid (and having room and board covered).


Summer Staff/ Lifeguard/ Counselor

June 2020 Grand Valley, PA
“I love the community. from the staff to the volunteers and lastly, the amazing campers. everyone feels so welcome. It feels like a family up there! I can honestly say I have made friends for life at camp. ”

Summer Staff / Housekeeping

June 2021 Grand Valley, PA
“Loved the atmosphere, especially the environment that the camp is located in. Also liked how the staff felt more tight-knit and family-oriented due to having to work, eat, and sleep 24/7. Kids will LOVE you whenever interacting with them in some way or fashion, and overall love the camp experience, giving an enormous positive reinforcement for all staff and yourself. Lastly, your faith in god will blossom as a Christian upon setting foot on camp.”
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