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Vector Marketing has been successfully helping students with little or no professional experience develop the kinds of sales skills that can help them excel in any career – and we’ve been doing it for more than 40 years.

The experience our representatives gain while selling our product, Cutco Cutlery, (knives and other kitchen tools) help them stand out in job interviews across a wide spectrum of career paths and industries. We’re proud of that. But just as important to us is the personal development so many of our people experience while working with us. Whether a student works with us only while they’re in school, or chooses to pursue a career position after graduation, our alums often share that the lessons they learned from their time with us benefit them for the rest of their lives.

As featured on Forbes and Business Insider…..

Comparably’s Top 50 list for the following awards:


• Best Company Culture- #23
• Best Company for Work-Life-Balance- #15
• Best Company for Happiness- #33
• Best Company for Diversity- Top 50, Large Companies
• Best Company for Women- Top 50, Large Companies
• Best CEO- #27


• Best Company Professional Development- #24
• Best Company Leadership- #44
• Best CEOs for women- #32


Assistant Manager

April 2018 Tampa, FL
“The experience I gained as a manager. This was able to help me grow professional and personally and further develop problem solving and critical thinking skills when it comes to real-world application.”

Sales representitive

July 2020 Farmington, CT
“I like my Co-workers and supervisors, they are very helpful. Also enjoy communications work with people I don't know. I like how the pay works, even though it can be very frustrating to go to very long meetings and not get paid sometimes. It usually works out when you make a larger sale and can divide the pay up hourly it usually comes out pretty good! I like the incentives and scholarships that they give you for working hard. ”
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