University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences

About University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences

Arts & Sciences is the oldest and largest college at the University of Kentucky, at the heart of the university’s mission to educate students and create knowledge in the humanities, social sciences, and mathematical and natural sciences. Our faculty are among UK’s most celebrated for their teaching and research, and our students often win the most prestigious scholarships and awards. These achievements have propelled the university’s growth since its founding in 1865.

Home to 19 academic departments that offer major degrees in 29 disciplines and 38 minors, A&S provides education in fundamentals to every undergraduate student at UK and builds foundations for advanced study in every field. Its faculty integrates innovative research with exceptional teaching and outreach, thereby providing paths to understanding the past, solving the problems of today, and imagining possibilities of tomorrow. In these ways, the College changes the lives of its students, Kentuckians at large, and communities across the world.

A&S is central to undergraduate and graduate education at UK, teaching 85% of general education credit hours and almost half of all undergraduate credit hours, and producing the most doctoral degrees at UK.


Undergraduate Research Assistant

September 2017 Lexington, KY
“It gave me hands on experience with laboratory work. I’ve learned how to maintain a moisture trap using silica gel, prep samples for isotopic analysis, neutralize acids for disposal, extract bone collagen, etc. I feel like I’ve gained a lot of valuable experiences from this job that are applicable to a future career in Geology. ”
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