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Given your experience at US Bank, how would you describe their company culture?

US Bank’s company culture is made up of many great, friendly and helpful employees who are there to teach you! They are a very ethical company too!
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What qualities are going to stand out in an interview for a personal banker position at US Bank?

I don't think there is one thing that will set you apart; there are many important factors in having a successful interview. With US Bank I would say you should research their company, their mission statement what in their mission statement matches with your personal objectives. How can you add t...
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Does U.S. Bank offer any mentorship programs for their interns or employees?

U.S. Bank does offer a mentorship program. You have to have worked there for over 1 year and your manager has to approve. There are several diversity groups that you can belong to and request that your mentor be a member of the same group when you are searching.
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How much compensation can I expect as a personal banker at US Bank?

When I started it was around $13.50 including my foreign language abilities, but now you might be more likely to see between $14-$15/hr. with additional incentives. U.S. Bank uses a points system that has a threshold of, say, 3500 points. When you sell a product, you accrue points. When you pass ...
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What's a day in the life like for you as a marketing planning and production manager at US Bank ?

The day to day varies depending on what types of campaigns/projects are going on. Time management and organizational skills are essential to ensure deadlines are met and projects can launch on time. My role involves the creation, review and implementation of marketing tactics to support campaigns...
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Should I expect much work and life balance as a marketing planning & production manager at US Bank?

US Bank has very good policies to ensure there is a good work-life balance. My department always us to have flexible scheduling. For example some of my co-workers elect to work 7 hour work days and just don’t take a lunch hour, some work from home completely (depending on manager, but everyone is...
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Does the US Bank offer training programs for lead CDO reporting analyst roles?

The training program for a CDO analyst is very informal and mostly on the job training. The first week in the role is mainly spent with reading materials and getting acclimated to the various software platforms used by US Bank. The next two to three weeks are spent shadowing fellow analysts as th...
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I've secured a teller position at U.S. Bank, but what skills can help me succeed here?

Cash handling experience, Reliability, Honesty, Customer Service experience, Multi-Tasking
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Anyone willing to share what a typical day in the life of a personal banker at US Bank may be like?

A typical day at US Bank as a Personal Banker could be very exciting. The number one priority is of course assisting customer with any questions or issues they may be having with their accounts. Another big part of the day as a Personal Banker at US Bank including trying to sell customers on new ...
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Will I have reasonable work-life balance as a personal banker at US Bank?

Work life balance as a Personal Banker at US Bank was very good. While you will probably work forty hours like at most jobs, there isn't a lot of extra work to do unless it is a busy season.
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What do you think of the training program for peak time tellers at U.S. Bank?

The training program with U.S. Bank is actually fantastic, they have well designed learning modules done on the job, as well as a shadowing period to learn by watching. There is a lot to learn, of course, as the legal and commercial aspects of banking are both new to most people. But the staff at...
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Has anyone been an Enterprise Learning Services intern at U.S. Bank? Did you have any ownership over your work?

As an Enterprise Learning Services Intern, you are responsible for testing and assigning training to the proper groups. You will also help improve the training You may also help troubleshoot training issues that come in through the shared mailbox. Once you understand the procedures, you can work ...
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Do the personal bankers of US Bank have any ownership over their work?

The introductory position at any bank would be a Teller, the personal liability this position entails is moderate as long as you can maintain effective cash management skills. The banker position is much more strategic and anyone in the position should understand the high level of liability you a...
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How much ownership over my work can I actually expect to have as an audit intern at US Bank?

As an Audit Intern at US Bank, you are responsible for everything you work on and need to stand behind your work confidently. You will never get a whole Audit to work on by yourself. There will always be a few team members working on the same Audit, but testing different controls. With that being...
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If I'm a graphic designer at U.S. Bank, will I have much ownership over my work?

When I was designing for US Bank, I wasn’t advised on whether my name could be included in my projects or not. If it is your original work, and not referenced from designs prior (like mine was) I would hope they would let you put your name on your work. I was only a high school volunteer, so I fe...
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Are there certain questions I should not ask a U.S. Bank recruiter at a career fair?

Can’t really think of any at the moment. Just be intelligent with your questions. They want somebody who is invested and around for a fairly good amount of time, not just a summer gig tying them over while they wait to go back to school. Show them you are invested by the types of questions you as...
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Does anyone know what an assistant branch manager does at US Bank?

They have various responsibilities like hiring, training, branch administrations, sales, teller transactions, giving sound financial advises, disputes management and cash management.
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If I were looking to kickstart my career as a branch manager, is US Bank a good option for me?

I would honestly say it depends with an individual and the type on branch. U.S.Bank has two totally different banking modules. The traditional branch, and an In-Store branch. Being a Assistant Manager in a traditional branch is more flexible than in an In-store branch which opens seven days per w...
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Can someone fill me in on what a business project analyst intern does at US Bank?

Attend phone meetings, take notes, shadow. Two projects will be assigned. First, would be whatever the project manager needs done to assist him and to gauge your understanding of things. Second, a project led by the intern. I’m assuming the project changes each year, but in my experience it was l...
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If I were wanting to kickstart my career as a business project analyst intern, would you recommend US Bank to do so?

Yes, they teach you a lot during the summer. Whether that involves creating your own personal brand to understanding bank culture. Excellent way of gaining experience and going from there.
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