For anybody with experience working at Twitter, what are your thoughts on their company culture?

work hard eat hard, laid back, employee-oriented, flexible workstyle, fast-moving. Also, Twitter emphasizes team building. The most important element of success at Twitter is being a true team player.
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Calling anyone who's worked at Twitter! How has your time there contributed to your professional growth?

Twitter is an exciting place to work, with lots of changes to implement and many opportunities to grow. This means that working at Twitter is never boring. Every day I learn something new from my colleagues. The network I build at Twitter is also helpful for my professional career, as Twitter alu...
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How does Twitter stand out from its main competition?

Twitter is a much smaller company despite our logo placed next to them. Being small means we are more adaptive to change and less bureaucratic compared to our rivals. Being small also means we have more room to grow our business. Facebook, for example, already has 2.3 billion active users, while ...
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I want to secure a software engineering internship at Twitter! How do I prepare for the interview?

For me I applied to the #FirstFlight Twitter Program for diverse students. Initially you have a phone interview with a recruiter and if you get passed that round you are then flown to their headquarters in San Francisco for the 2 day long event. The first day of the event you get a chance to lear...
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If anyone here has experience in a software engineering intern role at Twitter, can you describe a typical day in your position?

I'm at the end of my internship sadly but my day still looks about the same. First, I always go have breakfast at the Twitter cafeteria around 9 am because you are given breakfast and lunch and it is amazing. Then I may have meeting with my mentor or manager about my project and then I work on my...
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What do I need to know to succeed at Twitter?

At Twitter, you always need to remain curious and ask a lot of questions. Be enthusiastic about the work you are doing but also confident about the work you are doing. Take initiative with your project. Be open and transparent about how you're feeling about your work. Don't be afraid to take risks.
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Looking for some honest opinions - do you think Twitter is a good place to kickstart my career?

Definitely yes. It’s an industry giant and recognizable name, so it definitely is a good kickstart regardless of what role you had.
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What's to be expected from a technical writer internship at Twitter?

It's busy, but every day is something new. They gave me a lot of freedom in what projects I was interested in and how I wanted to go about making solutions to different problems. The days mostly consisted to 50% meeting with people to figure out what to write, 40% actual writing and 10% routine m...
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