Tuscany Strategy Consulting

About Tuscany Strategy Consulting

Tuscany Strategy Consulting is a national boutique consulting firm specializing in the education and health care sectors. For more than a decade, the firm has helped propel growth and efficiency for clients, completing hundreds of complex engagements. Its clients include leading business, education, and healthcare service providers, of whom more than 80% have engaged Tuscany for multiple projects.

Our reputation is based upon our thorough and insightful research and analysis that marries rigorous qualitative and quantitative data. Our firm’s partners take an active role in each case and have served in marketing and general management roles, including significant operational and P&L responsibility, for more than 20 years.

Practice Areas:
1) PreK-20 Education Services
2) Healthcare Services
3) Business Services

A) Growth Strategy
• Demand Discovery
• Landscape Analysis
• New Market/Segment Entry
• Business Intelligence Dashboards

B) Mergers & Acquisitions
• Target Identification
• Firm & Market Diligence
• Integration
• University Mergers

C) Pricing
• Price/Quality Tiers
• Price Elasticity Testing

D) Product Development
• Competitive Benchmarking
• Product Roadmaps
• Digital Transformation
• Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality

E) Brand Development
• Branding & Messaging
• Claims Development
• Customer Experience


Business Analyst

June 2019 Baltimore, MD
“Tuscany is exactly the place I hoped I would find myself after graduation. With experience in education and having just completed my MBA, I knew I wanted a role that would keep me engaged by allowing me to think strategically about complex business problems while making a positive impact in the education space. From day one I was trusted with project responsibilities and given the opportunity to participate in client-facing meetings. As a result, one of the greatest benefits of working at Tuscany is that I feel like I am learning just as much as I am contributing to my close-knit team. The fact that Tuscany encourages work-life balance in addition to professional development is icing on the cake knowing that this is not the norm in the consulting industry. ”

Summer Analyst

May 2018 - August 2018 Baltimore, MD
“Since Tuscany is small, on my very first day I was already client-facing and sitting in on calls. I loved how much responsibility I was given, and it was very fulfilling to see the work I had done be presented to our clients, even as just a summer analyst. The people care deeply about your own professional development and seek to help you further your career interests, while growing Tuscany at an impressive rate.”
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