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What is the Organization for World Peace? Mission: World Peace *The Organization for World Peace (OWP) targets key issues such as war and international security with the aim of educating and challenging individuals as well as larger international institutions to think critically about peaceful solutions to complex issues plaguing society. *The OWP aims to challenge the status quo of resorting to war and destruction both within the national and international space. Instead, the OWP proposes peaceful solutions to these complex issues. *The OWP aims to restore the lives of individuals and families affected by conflict by helping them rebuild their lives and helping them reintegrate back into society. This way, victims of war such as internally displaced persons and former child soldiers have a chance to break out of the perpetual cycle of violence. *Throughout the year, the OWP engages in international projects that are targeted towards increasing the quality of life for individuals living in conflict stricken communities. *Through these means, it is the goal of the OWP to mobilize societies against government actions that are combative and destructive. For example, war. Vision: Restructuring international thought away from destructive tendencies and towards peaceful non-combative strategies *The Organization for World Peace advocates for non-violent solutions for dealing with various conflicts occurring throughout the world. In-doing so, this organization envisions a world where peace is the common trend and violence and aggression become remnants of the past. The OWP envisions a world where warfare is no longer an option amongst civilizations. *Fundamental to the OWP’s vision of world peace is to end warfare permanently. War is responsible for poverty, underdevelopment, and human suffering. War restricts children from receiving education and can prevent families from obtaining food and water, forcing starvation in the developing world. War forces migrations as people have no choice but to flee their homes or perish. *War is so wasteful that in 2013, the world spent roughly 1.7 trillion dollars in defense spending [1]. In the next four decades, the cost of the war in Iraq including initial costs and benefits to be paid to veterans will grow to 6 trillion dollars [2]. If the trillions of dollars spent on war were invested in peaceful alternatives to war, there is no question that peace could be achieved with plenty of money to spare for more pro-social endeavours. *The bottom line is that War is bad for humanity. It is the goal of the Organization for World Peace to end war by educating governments and individuals as to peaceful solutions to conflict issues in an effort to attain a full commitment from governments and democratic societies to no longer consider war a viable solution. For humanity to survive, “War Must End.” What does the Organization for World Peace do? Research: The Organization for World Peace conducts research and publishes reports pertaining to world peace on the organization’s official website. *These reports are based on current events and can vary in the topics they address; from human rights to international security, from political economy to environmental issues. *The aim of these reports is to identify issues that threaten world peace and then to offer various solutions to resolve said issue or at least reduce the problem in a meaningful way. *There will be three types of reports published on the organizations website. Daily: The OWP publishes reports regularly on various topics in current events that among other things, will pertain to war and peace related issues. Monthly: The monthly issue to be published on the organizations website will be on selected topic pertaining to current events. Breaking News: Will be released via the organizations website and will include reports written about emerging stories and controversies that require immediate international/national attention. This section will also include press releases. Charity: The Organization for World Peace engages with the community, both domestically in Canada and abroad. Efforts include: The primary focus of the OWP is to assist victims of war such as Internally displaced persons and former child soldiers rebuild their lives post conflict and integrate them back into society. In doing so, the OWP aims to help them find peace. The secondary focus of the OWP is toward international causes pertaining to international development, education, and food aid. These causes are critical to the OWP because in the absence of development and education, and where poverty exists, there is the potential for a dynamic set of circumstances that are conducive to violent and combative thinking, and thus must be addressed in order to build world peace from the bottom up.


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