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Since our capital city’s first days, people have traveled here for many reasons. They come to explore the past and to chart new futures. They come to ask questions and to seek expert answers. They come to start discourse and to remember in silence. They come to demand change and to be that change. They come to grow. They come to learn. They come to make history and join the ranks alongside many prominent GW alumni.

Housed in a city unlike any other, our students gain an education unlike any other. The whole city is our classroom, and our students emerge not just with a diploma, but with experiences that could only happen at GW.


STEM Summer Program Instructor

July 2023 - August 2023 Ashburn, VA
“I enjoyed meeting high school students interested in the medical field but also even for those that may not be interested in pursuing health care to at least present the good news about medicine and patient care and open the conversation in improving our health and wellness in our communities and in the nation.”

Student researcher

May 2023 - August 2023 Washington, DC
“That it was at my university and state which I know and feel comfortable”
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Anyone here know what a computational social scientist typically does at George Washington University?

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