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What skills are needed to succeed at Texas Instruments, in general?

To succeed as a Software Intern at TI, you need to creatively come up with solutions to problems. You must also be able to stick to your deadlines and they really appreciate it if you can get your work done ahead of time. Programming skills are a must, of course, and it also helps to be good at d...
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Does upper management show good support at Texas Instruments?

You will collaborate with your supervisor at least on a weekly basis to make sure that your projects are progressing well. You will collaborate more frequently with project specific questions and discussions with the coworkers who are also working on similar projects. Sometimes your supervisor ...
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How is the work life balance at Texas Instruments?

It's typical IT work so there are times you have to stay late to fix a problem or work a weekend (or late evening) to work on a server. You are typically on-call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week unless there is an on-call rotation schedule. Overall it's not that bad and it's a rite of passage for al...
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What does Texas Instruments' mentorship program look like? Is it actually effective?

Mentorship: Each part of the company operates a little differently, so I can only speak to their manufacturing department. And even then, it changed during my time there. There would be an assigned mentor to any intern or new hire. And this person is usually the main contact for assignments rathe...
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Any advice on the process of an interview for an Engineering Intern role at Texas Instruments?

Whether or not a Company uses the STAR method or Behavioral-Based interview questions, I have found that reviewing these techniques and commonly-asked questions (google will come up with plenty of study material for you) is a great way to prepare yourself for how to answer interview questions, bu...
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Going to a career fair, any advice approaching a recruiter for Texas Instruments?

Approaching a recruiter: No real tips for this one; recruiters are there to find candidates, particularly engineering approaching them is super easy. They have a nice rotation program for fresh outs where you are paid well and move around learning the ropes. Once you complete the pro...
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Anyone know if Texas Instruments pays well?

Most engineers make $75k/year when they first sign on. After a year and half of a rotational program, they are boosted up to $85k/year. TI also offers up to 20% profit sharing. So within two years of graduation, you will most likely be making ~$100k/year.This is standard for Engineers in the Dall...
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Are there any main qualities/experiences I should highlight in an interview for a Business Analyst role at Texas Instruments?

Exhibit leadership skills Be able to work hand-in-hand with business users Understand and implement projects using the waterfall/agile approach Understand and translate business requirements Coordinate and execute testing activities in a project Conduct trainings of new processes and tools
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I'm looking to turn my internship as an Applications Engineer intern at TI into a full-time offer. Any advice?

Show your commitment to your work, the company, and yourself. Stay hungry, and do not become complacent with just "getting by". Do what your boss asks of you, and then do more than he would expect of you. You do not have to invent the next Nintendo Switch, but share your ideas with the team, and ...
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What is it like daily for a Production Specialist at Texas Instruments?

For me my day at begins before I get to work. I prepare myself mentally because work can be stressful some days. So make sure you are rested. When I get to work I make sure my work area is neat and I start planning ahead. Without planning and a neat work area, you can get stressed out way too ear...
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Any advice on the process of an interview for a Production Specialist role at Texas Instruments?

The interview process is not that hard. You are interviewed by 2 to 3 managers at the same time. Just remember their names and maintain eye contact when one is addressing you. They will ask about challenges, mistakes, and success in your past workplaces.
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What does the career progression look like for someone starting at TI as an intern? Do students usually get return offers?

Career is really great. The student gets lots of opportunities to express himself/herself via fairs, demo sessions, team meetings and these things hugely impact the prospective for employment.
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Why (or why not) would you say Texas Instruments is a good place to start a career as an engineer?

Career: The career path after Operations Engineering is only in manufacturing. TI is not the best at cross hiring people out of manufacturing. But for a career as a process or equipment engineer in a wafer fab, this was a really great start. You’re put in the same scenarios that you would see as ...
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Are there any main qualities/experiences I should highlight in an interview for a Project Manager role role at TI?

As with any interview, you should highlight your strengths. The Focus should be on your ability to problem solve, financial responsibility, ownership of the project and communication. Projects at Texas Instruments happen across the globe. They can be nearby where you can visit the job site and...
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Is TI considered a good company to start at if I want to develop a career as a project manager?

For most projects, there were architectural and engineering firms hired. Sometimes just individual consultants were hired for specific tasks. Often the designing per se was not in my scope. I had to be able to make sure that I could understand the drawings the consultants produced while making...
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What is the career path for a purchasing coordinator at Texas Instruments?

The most likely path is the transfer to Sourcing (notice that different company has different position titles).
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Anyone have any advice for me to turn my internship as a UNIX Administrator at Texas Instruments into a full-time offer?

It will be about the soft-skills - be friendly, caring, open to learning, show initiative, good communication skills. Most employers look for the right attitude and personality of a person rather than just hard skills. Of course, you have to prove yourself on the hard skills as well. I was proud ...
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Can someone tell me what the day to day of an Engineering Intern at TI will be like?

As an engineering intern, you generally work with your supervisor to find 2-3 projects to focus on throughout your summer, and you will usually have a mentor separate from your supervisor who you can also ask questions and work with. The projects will vary based on the need in your group and you...
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How will my role as a Software Eng Intern contribute to Texas Instruments's mission?

TI is a company that gives interns work that they actually end up using. So you can be fairly confident that any (good) work you do is actually being used in the company's products, and contributing to their mission.
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What is it like daily as a Supply Planner at Texas Instruments?

Supply Planning is an operations role that includes order scheduling / fulfillment, factory interface / manufacturing support, new product introduction, forecasting, and compilation / presenting a nutshell. Planning works with almost all functional groups but reports in to finance at...
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