Sub Zero Group, Inc.

About Sub Zero Group, Inc.

Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove are leaders in the luxury appliance industry. We are located in Madison, WI. We make refrigerators, wine storage, dishwashers and cooking appliances for the world’s most luxurious, cutting edge kitchens; your favorite late night host or Grammy winner probably has a SZ kitchen! Innovation is what we’re all about – working every day to achieve the best performance, the most contemporary design. We’re a family-owned company where people collaborate, laugh, do great things and have fun.



January 2019 Fitchburg, WI
“Great quality company that helps jump start you into the real working world. Friendly people who know what they are doing and are willing to help out with a new worker.”

Customer Service Work Experience

May 2017 Fitchburg, WI
“I am working there as a student throughout the year so I always have a job and can make my own hours around my school schedule. Sub Zero is a very "family" oriented company and they really care about our happiness and how we can improve as a company. They believe all departments are important which really makes you feel valued as an employee. Overall, I love the culture, the customers, the management. Not much to complain about here.”
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