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About SRI International

SRI International is a nonprofit, independent research center serving government and industry. We work on some of the world’s most important problems, collaborating across technical disciplines to spark new ideas and solutions. Our research and innovations have led to new industries and products that impact people’s lives every day—from the computer mouse and interactive computing to medical ultrasound, cancer drugs, and much more.

SRI moves R&D from the laboratory to the marketplace to create high value and real innovation. And the platforms we build today are designed to meet tomorrow’s needs. For example, an artificial intelligence project for DARPA led to the development of Siri for Apple’s iPhone.


Electrical Engineering Intern

May 2022 - August 2022 Princeton, NJ
“I liked how nice all the people there was. Since this was a smaller company, I was also able to get my hands on a lot of project and learned a great deal about how working on research/manufacturing was like. There were many professionals that guided me.”

assisttant to the research team

May 2016 - August 2016 Menlo Park, CA
“The overall experience was incredible. Seeing the kind of research they were engaged in was so valuable.”
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