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At Splicer Films, our mission is to tell stories of purpose and impact that are the catalyst for positive change. Our team is passionate about filmmaking, storytelling and inspiring audiences to create a better world. Splicer Films is pioneering an approach to documentary filmmaking while adapting to the ever changing climate to produce content remotely despite an unprecedented global shutdown. We are innovative filmmakers utilizing technology creatively to forge forward and document diverse perspectives and impactful stories. Our current documentary project, Unmasked, profiles an unsung hero who lost everything fleeing the DRC, yet found his calling to help fellow refugees facing poverty, food insecurity and barriers to education and healthcare.

Unmasked Work Sample

Meet our Team


Social Media Video Editor Intern

October 2020 - February 2021 Syracuse, NY
“I liked how I was very involved in all the staff meetings and my input was valuable to the ongoing project. I learned a lot about what it takes to do an independent film production from the very beginning.”

Video Editor Intern

June 2021 Syracuse, NY
“How immersive and supportive the work environment is! At the start of this year, my editing skills were no where near what they have grown to be, all because of the resources and supportive push Annette and the team provide. I like being given the opportunity to work on high-stakes tasks and NOT feeling like an intern! I have learned so much about general production efficiencies, and have had the opportunity to have visibility into projects where I found interest. I love the team AND the story that is being told. Using my creative talents to share a story like this is a gratifying and unique experience. ”
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