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At Splicer Films, our mission is to tell stories of purpose and impact to catalyze positive change. Our team is passionate about filmmaking, storytelling and inspiring audiences to create a better world. Splicer Films is pioneering an approach to documentary filmmaking while adapting to the ever changing climate to produce content remotely despite an unprecedented global shutdown. We are innovative filmmakers utilizing technology creatively to forge forward and document diverse perspectives and impactful stories.

Our current project, Unmasked, is a docuseries profiling unsung heroes in Africa who lead social causes to solve issues such as poverty, hunger, barriers to education and healthcare. The pilot episode profiles a refugee from DRC whose tragedy leads him to find his calling to improve the lives of thousands of marginalized refugees.
The project aims to inform and inspire global audiences through character-driven stories about resilience, the Ubuntu philosophy and social advocacy, showing viewers that they, too, can create positive change in their own communities.

Unmasked Work Sample

Meet our Team


Animation Production Intern

March 2022 - June 2022 Boca Raton, FL
“I joined Splicer Films as an Animation Production Intern, I am really glad that I started my career in animation with Splicer Films. The first thing that really stands out to me is their professionalism. Along with that, the environment is completely employee-friendly. They promote everyone's participation in the team meetings/discussions and treat each and every one equally and respectfully. And last but not the least, I never imagined the type of opportunities that came across during this internship. I would definitely encourage future interns to be a part of Splicer Films. ”

Sound Designer Intern

October 2021 - June 2022 Syracuse, NY
“The ability to work in a remote setting - great for preparing for other remote opportunities - while facilitating a positive and friendly team culture. CEO is supportive and considerate of student interns; she even took time out of her weekend to provide feedback on my business proposal for a class. This company also provides hands-on experiences that are important to Splicer Films' success - so it's a very rewarding experience for interns.”
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