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For aspiring medical professionals, becoming a scribe with Scribekick serves as an insightful experience that allows them to build a rapport with their provider and expand their medical knowledge. 90% of our scribes successfully move on to continue their careers with medicine after spending a gap year with us. Don't miss out on this opportunity of enhance your journey as a future medical professional!

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Scribekick's medical scribes amplify physician productivity and quality of care by tackling the ever-increasing medical documentation/EHR burden. Our scribes accompany a physician into the appointment and complete the majority of the medical note, so the physician can refocus on the patient and get home earlier. We offer rigorously trained scribes that are ready to contribute on day one. As a result of our high-quality, reliable, and tailored scribing services, Scribekick has alleviated hundreds of physicians from hours of documentation, allowing them to provide higher quality patient care.


Medical Scribe

January 2020 Richmond, VA
“I liked the work environment and the people that I worked with. The staff through ScribeKick also prepared me to be a medical scribe through training and shadowing of a more experienced scribe, that made me feel more confident about the job. ”
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