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About Scale AI

Scale’s mission is to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence. We do this by providing a data-centric, end-to-end solution to manage the entire ML lifecycle.

We are building the foundation to enable organizations to manage the entire AI life cycle. Whether they have an AI team in-house or need a fully managed model-as-a-service approach, we partner with our customers to build their strategy from the ground up and ensure they have the infrastructure in place to systematically deliver highly-performant models.

If you have a non-stop curiosity, enjoy problem-solving, and are interested in Machine Learning and AI check us out!


AI Prompt Engineer and Quality Assurance

January 2024 Seattle, WA
“Very flexible, remote hours. No limit on how much you can work. Very nice hourly wage ($40-45/hr for Bio majors).”

Prompt Engineer

May 2022 Nashville, TN
“Flexible hours, opportunities to gain hands on experience. Remote work.”
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