Saucehouse BBQ

Banquet Cook

September 2019 • Atlanta, GA

What I liked

I liked being able to learn and cook. Other then that I had a horrible experience with the manager in the atlanta office. Would not recommend working at the atlanta location at all, the manager of the kitchen gave me hours for the next two weeks then just texted me telling me I don't need to show up and she would let me know when I was needed. After that I would occasionally ask if I had hours that week and would not get a reply or be told we will message you when we needed. I was never given a true indication or notice that I would be fired.

What I wish was different

The I wish I could have not been fired after the first day after training. The manager at least telling I was fired instead of hiring me for one day in Athens I never had the chance to work for more then 4 hours at most in the atlanta location for the catering.


DONT WORK FOR THE ATLANTA CATERING THEY JSUT HIRE FOR ONE DAY AFTER TRAINING FOR A FOOTBALL GAME AND WONT OUTRIGHT LET YOU KNOW YOUR FIRED. Manager of the kitchen had horrible communication after the initial week, the catering manager was very nice.
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