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Can someone fill me in on what it's like to work as a lecturer at San Diego State University?

There is no typical "day" at SDSU. Having said that, your day is what you make of you construct your schedule, what groups you become a part of, and what research interests you have. This is a dynamic campus with a rich and diverse cohort of faculty, staff, and students. SDSU also has st...
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How do I prepare to be interviewed for a camera operator position at SDSU?

A basic knowledge of sporting events is helpful to have. I would brush up on basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball and baseball. For softball and baseball, it's good to know the positions, as the director may say "Camera Two, frame up the Right Fielder." For other sports, you're usually just f...
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What's a day in the life of a camera operator at SDSU like?

Fairly easy! You usually show up a couple hours before the game begins. You'll set up your camera while the Director sets up their station. You work with your other team members to uncoil your lengthy SDI cables and make sure the connection from camera to the Director's station is functioning pro...
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