How would you describe the company culture at Salesforce?

Depending on which department you will work in, salesforce is pretty relaxing and accepting of all fields of work. For example, if you were to introduce yourself to someone who worked in a different department, the person is most likely be willing to be more accepting of your work than an ordinar...
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Does Salesforce offer a mentorship program for incoming interns or new hires?

Salesforce does offer a mentorship program for both interns and new hires. Every intern/new hire will be assigned a mentor with at least one year of experience on the team. Your mentor will guide you through the onboarding process and also help you pick up the technical tools you need to work on ...
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What are some generic interview questions I can expect from Salesforce?

What do you do when you run into a problem? and How would you approach a project? Candidates should approach them by being honest and transparent about their thought process.
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How should I approach the interview screening process at Salesforce?

Be authentic. Salesforce looks for cultural fits as a key hiring indicator in addition to regular qualifications. Salesforce values a family-style culture and owning who you are will go a long way.
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What does it take to do well during my software engineering internship at Salesforce?

Depending on what team you are assigned to, you will need different skills. Salesforce has its own frontend framework and platforms; so usually your team will give you a few weeks to learn these new techniques. Generally, a good understanding of web application structure, some experiences with Ja...
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How do I make the most out of my experience from my internship with Salesforce?

It varies depending in the department you’re working for. Some days it might get busy, and some days you might be stuck with downtime. But, always seek opportunities to reach out to the people in your department. In my experience, there were many meetings and discussions, technical writing on PRD...
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To what extent will I have full ownership over my work as an intern at Salesforce?

You should expect to have a lot or complete ownership over your work as an intern at Salesforce. The teams do a really good job of giving you projects that you have deliverables for and typically will either work on with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), a mentor, or other team members.
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What's the day in the life as a Sales Intern at Salesforce?

Varied day-to-day, but was most regularly working with colleagues on the team to accomplish some sort of reporting work or data analysis work. Work was not project based when I was there, so there wasn't one big project to work on the whole time. Instead it was expected that interns reach out and...
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Generally, how should I prepare for a potential interview with Salesforce?

Watch Salesforce’s video on their Ohana Culture and study the different products and clouds they have. Being able to talk about things other than their Sales Cloud CRM is good.
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What does it take to be a successful Sales Initiatives intern at Salesforce?

I think to be a successful Sales Initiatives Intern you need to know how to use the resources you have, think outside the box, patience, and ask questions when you need help. I did a lot of prospecting work for the Account Executives and Business Developers, so delivering quality and detailed wor...
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How can I, as an incoming Technical Writing Intern, succeed as Salesforce?

To succeed at Salesforce as a technical writer, you'll need a driven work ethic, strong writing skills, and the ability and willingness to learn on the job. I came in with almost no technical knowledge about the profession, and barely even knew what it meant to be a Technical Writer, but that did...
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