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At our core, we believe that being a giver is not just a way to live, but the way to live. Therefore, we desire to give students a REAL opportunity to learn and develop. This is not a “go fetch me coffee” type of internship. Instead, our goal is to provide a fun, engaging, team-spirit work setting while offering a constructive environment that leaves plenty of room for personal and professional growth. We do that by offering unpaid 100% remote internships for our young people across the entire US. These include social media, content creation, content writing, and video marketing. They are offered in Spring, Summer, and Fall, and require a 10-hour-a-week commitment. Lastly, these young potentials will learn about what they are interested in. Since we don’t micromanage, this becomes an open-world platform with a boundless variety of opportunities. Our desire is for students to explore marketing with guidance yet with freedom.

Oh, and by the way, we are an IT firm that has provided expert IT support since 1996 focusing on small- to medium-sized businesses in Indiana. We have helped many businesses increase productivity and profitability by making IT a streamlined part of operations. Our mission includes delivering the latest maintenance, technology consulting, and support as a highly cost-effective IT solution to maximize our client's productivity and profitability. Additionally, we provide a variety of different services such as cloud, security, and managed IT, as well as VoIP solutions and business continuity strategies. Here at Saggio, our clients are always our top priority, and we ensure to equip you with customized technology solutions for risk reduction and greater operational value. Furthermore, we deeply cherish communication, security, trust, function, and most importantly, no surprises!
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Content Writer

September 2023 - December 2023 North Vernon, IN
“My internship at Saggio Technology as a Content Writer was genuinely enriching. One aspect that truly stood out was the friendly and welcoming atmosphere fostered within the company. From day one, I felt like a part of the team, and this sense of belonging greatly enhanced my overall internship experience. The effective communication channels established for remote working also deserve praise. Despite working from different locations, the team ensured that we were always on the same page. This not only made collaboration seamless but also contributed to a productive and stress-free work environment. Another highlight of my time at Saggio Technology was the engaging community of colleagues who were always ready to help and inspire creativity. Whether I needed assistance with a project or simply wanted to brainstorm ideas, there was always someone eager to lend a hand. This sense of camaraderie created a motivating and stimulating work environment.”

Video Marketer

June 2023 Chicago, IL
“This internship have been amazing so far and I really liked the mentorship meetings we have every week. My mentor, Dan Ford, gives great feedback on our work and always looking to improve this internship by asking for our feedbacks. I also liked being able to do quests and change things up so we aren't always doing the same thing every week.”
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