S&C Electric Company

About S&C Electric Company

S&C Electric Company is a leading grid innovator improving power reliability and delivery worldwide. As the world faces a growing dependence on reliable power to fuel our daily lives, S&C is reimagining the industry and paving the way for the grid of tomorrow.

Our customers include electric utilities and large commercial and industrial users of power, such as hospitals, data centers, universities, and military bases. We work closely with them to understand their challenges and develop solutions to address their unique needs.

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Interested in what the S&C internship experience is like? Hear from two former interns who returned to S&C to begin their full-time careers:


Mechanical Engineering Intern

May 2019 - December 2020 Franklin, WI
“Very friendly & helpful environment. Everyone was more than willing to help explain concepts and mechanical/electrical systems in detail to allow for furthering knowledge of the company as well as projects that I worked on. Also being in a small department allowed me to work on a variety of projects. Lastly they where extremely understanding and ”

Electrical Engineering Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Chicago, IL
“Great people to learn from, work with, and talk to. Managers were always looking out for my best interests and made sure I was getting what I wanted out of the summer. Given the pandemic and the pivot to virtual work, they did a great job enabling me to learn about the company and power industry as well as lead some interesting projects. ”
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