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What was it like working as a training facilitator at Royal Caribbean Cruises? Did you enjoy it?

As a trainer I was able to work independently compiling training material. The training environment is very casual and I enjoyed the opportunity to train new recruits. As a QA specialist I enjoyed being able to critique and provide feedback regarding individual calls. I disliked the pay. I felt I...
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Were are some things you thought could be better while working with Royal Caribbean Cruises?

The company, overall, didn't pay well. Their raises were extremely inadequate. During my final year of employment I was offered a 10 cent raise that was labeled as a cost of living increase. While you may be promoted to over positions, as I was, you aren't always paid for those positions. I was w...
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What was your day to day like working at Royal Caribbean Cruises as a QA Specialist?

The position of QA Specialist spends their day listening to inbound calls to agents within the company and critiquing each called based off of various requirements/expectations. You then send each feedback session to the agent's supervisor for it to be reviewed. This is done for an entire full-ti...
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How would you describe your work-life balance while working at Royal Caribbean Cruises, assuming you worked on the boat itself?

Work-life balance is an interesting concept when working/living on a cruise ship with your co-workers. It's difficult to describe a work-life balance because your entire life is what is on the ship. You have little contact with the outside world as you don't often get service or wifi, and you liv...
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