About Qualcomm

As the world leader in next generation mobile technologies, Qualcomm ideas and inventions are driving wireless growth and helping to connect people to information, entertainment and one another. Qualcomm’s breakthrough technologies enable the convergence of mobile communications and consumer electronics, making wireless devices and services more personal, affordable and accessible to people everywhere. While many of our inventions and breakthroughs reside “under the hood” of consumer electronics, they have transformed the world in a big way. They have helped propel mobile to the forefront of the technology world and to the top of consumers’ wish lists. They have created new opportunities for mobile ecosystem players—the wireless device makers, the operators, the developers and the content creators of the world. And more recently, our inventions and breakthroughs have inspired fresh, new ideas from those companies—large and small—new to the wireless space. We’ve been called dreamers, inventors, rebels, risk takers, pioneers and geeks. We embrace those labels because in many ways, they’re true. We dream big. We invent bigger. And most importantly, we often do what many thought was impossible. IF YOU'RE AN INTERN | We offer three-month internship opportunities that give you the flexibility to continue to work on your degree while make strides in your career. Students from across the US join us each summer for meaningful and challenging project work that allows them to work alongside industry experts. If you have already achieved your goals on your campus, we invite you to ours. IF YOU'RE A COLLEGE GRADUATE | Yes, “change the world” is part of the job description. A career at Qualcomm gives you the opportunity to join in the creation of technologies that change the world. Thousands of dedicated people working diligently to make a mark in the evolution of our planet. Sounds like a pretty big deal to just start with a simple job application. But it does. IF YOU'RE A PROFESSIONAL | Fortune 500? Check. Global reach and influence? Competitive benefits? Check and check There are plenty of advantages to joining Qualcomm, but the most attractive is combining your professional expertise with the fast-growing mobile technology industry. Go ahead, let your inner-nerd out. IF YOU'RE AN EXPERIENCED ENGINEER | As an engineer at Qualcomm you have the opportunity to push the boundaries of what exists and establish the new standards for tomorrow. This is your chance to do something huge in mobile technology. Let’s take mobile to an entirely new place. WHAT'S IT REALLY LIKE TO WORK AT QUALCOMM? At Qualcomm, students and college graduates jump right into next-generation technologies - alongside industry veterans and company leaders - to help change the wireless world. We believe that in order to foster an environment where invention thrives, we must foster one where our people do too. Every day you’ll see the direct link between the open, fun, and relaxed way we work and the amazing real-world products we bring to market. WANT TO GRAB OUR ATTENTION? We are looking for people who are truly passionate about technology. Just telling us is not enough... We want to SEE how you have impacted this industry. Involvement in hackathons, technical classes, personal projects, and clubs/orgs will give you that extra edge. We are always on the look-out for well-rounded engineers who are able to adapt quickly and have unyielding enthusiasm for creating what other people thought was impossible.


Account Executive Intern (PR and Marketing)

May 2019 - August 2019 Stockton, CA
“Great company Great hours”

Software Intern

June 2019 - September 2019 San Diego, CA
“Worked with new tools and learned a lot. Explored a new area and got to experience industry life.”
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