Youth Education Intern

June - August 2017 • Provincetown, MA

What I liked

I loved the content that I was dealing with because it was really interesting and pertinent to my Art History major because I was able to understand the ins and outs of museums and how they function. At every turn, the staff was looking to help me research and investigate questions about 20 of the most influential artists in Provincetown leading up to and during the formation of the Provincetown Art Association. I also did a lot of work with researching the lives of Edward and Josephine Hopper, which I converted into research materials for educators and an activity book for children. Because I was unfamiliar with the Adobe Suite, the staff was helpful in the process of teaching me how to use it and apply it to my project.

What I wish was different

My only complaint would be that I feel like time wasn't managed as efficiently as it could be in the office. I understand though that the work environment for interns is a lot more easy-going.


I would definitely stick it out during the first two weeks if you don't like it because sometimes it gets much better later on. I loved PAAM from the start but I've felt this way for other jobs.
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