The Provincetown Art Association and Museum is a nationally recognized, year-round cultural institution that fuses the creative energy of America’s oldest active art colony with the natural beauty of outer Cape Cod that has inspired artists for generations.

PAAM was established in 1914 by a group of artists and townspeople to build a permanent collection of works by artists of outer Cape Cod, and to exhibit art that would allow for unification within the community. In 2014, PAAM celebrated its Centennial year, with programming and exhibitions that highlighted significant artists, artwork, and events that contributed to PAAM becoming the vital cultural institution it is today.

Integral to the community comprising the Provincetown Art Colony, PAAM embodies the qualities that make Provincetown an enduring American center for the arts, and serves as Cape Cod’s most widely-attended art museum.

As interest in the region’s contribution to American art history continues to grow, PAAM presents an ever-changing lineup of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and cultural events that seek to promote and cultivate appreciation for all branches of the fine arts for which Provincetown is known.


Youth Education Intern

June 2017 - August 2017 Provincetown, MA
“I loved the content that I was dealing with because it was really interesting and pertinent to my Art History major because I was able to understand the ins and outs of museums and how they function. At every turn, the staff was looking to help me research and investigate questions about 20 of the most influential artists in Provincetown leading up to and during the formation of the Provincetown Art Association. I also did a lot of work with researching the lives of Edward and Josephine Hopper, which I converted into research materials for educators and an activity book for children. Because I was unfamiliar with the Adobe Suite, the staff was helpful in the process of teaching me how to use it and apply it to my project. ”
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