How is the company culture at Protiviti?

Protiviti's culture is unmatched in the industry. Millenials and young professionals make up 75% of the company, allowing employees to feel surrounded by friends. From charity events to sports leagues, Protiviti does a great job creating a fun and exciting environment for its employees.
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How does working at Protiviti contribute to your professional growth?

During the internship, interns are paired with three advisers. An intern's Peer Adviser. Career Adviser, and Executive Adviser work with the individual to form a bond and guide him or her in the right direction. My experience with my advisers was terrific. Whether it was specific to Protiviti or ...
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Compared to its main competitors, what are some areas where Protiviti stands out?

Protiviti definitely stands out for their work life balance and their training schools. At each level you are sent to a destination to work with others from around the country to learn what is to come. For example, the interns go to Orlando every year the first 10 days of the internship, new cons...
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What was the level of support from your managers or mentors at Protiviti?

The Protiviti internship is set up so each intern has a peer, career, and executive advisor. Each advisor is at a different point in their career so there is a wide variety of advice they can offer. The career advisor is usually someone at the manager level and the executive advisor is a Managing...
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What was your internship like at Protiviti?

It's difficult to say what one day in the life of an intern at Protiviti could be like since it is so dynamic and changes rapidly. Mainly, you're working on projects, or audits, and interns are expected to do the "testing" on these audits. Testing usually involves reviewing data and documentation...
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How should I prepare for my interview at Protiviti?

It is important to know that they don't expect you to know everything about risk, compliance, internal audit, etc. In reviewing candidates, it seems they look for people who are analytical and problem solvers. They want to know that you can think critically, creatively, and in a detailed manner. ...
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How is success measured at Protiviti?

Success at Protiviti rides on quite a few things. I would say communication is important. You have to ask a lot of questions and constantly adapt to feedback in order to perform your work properly. Be adaptable, be coachable, and and always be dedicated to being the best employee you can be. It's...
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What kinds of skills/course work does Protiviti look for in a student seeking an internship?

Charmy -Protiviti has 6 Global Solutions that require different academic or work experience to have the baseline qualifications. I encourage you to look at our job postings towards the end for specific relevant skills each is seeking. Additionally, at Protiviti, all consultants should be able to ...

If I am graduating in December 2024, can I apply to the 2024 Protiviti Technology Consulting Internship for the summer?

Hi Isabella -Please do! We ask that our interns be 6-12 months from graduating at the start of the internship, meaning you are in the correct window, as our 2024 Interns would need to have final graduation dates of December 2024 - August 2025.Best,Protiviti Recruiting
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