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If you've interned at PNC, what can I do to increase my chances of receiving a return offer after the summer?

Provide great customer service, apply to several positions and ask for assistance. They also have a really good system that is for internal job seekers.
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Does PNC emphasize work-life balance among its employees?

PNC is highly concerned with their employees work life balance. They even offer paid volunteer work thru Grow Up Great Program. PNC also offers onsite childcare and great health and welfare benefits.
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How much work-life balance do interns at PNC get?

PNC, for the most part, is fairly strict with not letting interns work above 40 hours a week. Be sure to manage your time well so you make the most of that time.
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What characteristics do interviewers at PNC value when recruiting interns?

When I was at PNC, the company really focused on growth and learning. While I had no prior experience with the business analyst (BA) role at the time, I explained during my interviews how my coursework related to the role of a BA and that I was more than willing to learn more about the position....
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What skills do I need to have to be a good Sales Service Consultant at PNC Financial?

Strong sales skills will do you best, as well as a positive up-beat attitude because you will receive a lot of rejection from the customers. While you may not always have positive feedback from customers, the staff at PNC are very helpful and supportive and care about your growth within the compa...
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How quickly can I advance in my career as a predictive modeler at PNC?

It is rewarding. With advanced degree in Quant (Mathematics, Finance , Statistics), One can start as an intern and reach to the position of Vice President in 4-5 working years (*subject to performance and understanding of business).
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If you've worked at PNC Financial Services, how would you describe their company culture?

PNC has an awesome culture! Very inviting and accepting. The company cares a lot about its employees and does a good job of providing benefits that show how much they care. People are willing to help our interns and get to know them, which was really nice. Also, the company is really invested in ...
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Were you given significant ownership over your project as an intern at PNC Financial Services?

You should expect to have total ownership over your work as an Asset Management Intern; even though PNC greatly respects and believes in the team approach, personal responsibility must be an innate trait working with your colleagues and working for your clients. Also, it is important as an intern...
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Does PNC Financial Services offer a strong mentorship program for its interns and entry-level team members?

As an intern, I was provided with a mentor who was a full time employee who was in the two year rotational program. This rotation program is for new employees in the workforce and PNC and provides the person with both breadth and depth for a variety of IT positions (BA, QA, PM, etc.). During th...
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Is PNC considered a good place to start off a career in the finance industry?

PNC is a huge company and is one of the top five largest banks in America. For this reason alone, PNC is a huge asset to have as an employer on a resume. As my time as a business analyst at PNC, I was able to gather functional and non-functional requirements, create a burnchart (a project my te...
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