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About Planet Fitness/Impact Fitness

Welcome to Our Planet
Make yourself comfy. Because we’re Judgement Free. It doesn’t matter if your legs have never seen a squat machine before. We believe how you work out is totally up to you. Take advantage of our unlimited fitness training programs or just do your own thing on the treadmill, we’ll cheer you on either way - if you’re in our house you deserve a little cred just for being here.

We believe no one should ever feel Gymtimidated by Lunky behavior and that everyone should feel at ease in our gyms, no matter what his or her workout goals are. And everyone should have access to lots of nice new equipment and feel comfortable asking for help. With all of these great benefits under one roof, we like to say:

We’re not a gym. We’re Planet Fitness.

The Judgement Free Zone®
Planet Fitness is known for a lot of things – our low prices (and all the stuff you get for those low prices), our Lunk™ Alarm, and of course, our Judgement Free Zone®. We’re fiercely protective of our Planet and the rights of our members to feel like they belong. So we create an environment where you can relax, go at your own pace and just do your own thing without ever having to worry about being judged. This is your Planet. You belong.

Impact Fitness is our franchise name. We are seeking individuals who are excited to work for our dynamic and growing company, which includes creating a positive member experience, a passion for making an impact in the local community and the desire to grow and develop into your best self. Part of our company mission is to create an impact within the local community and includes opportunities to volunteer with our corporate partners, The Boys and Girls Club and Stomp Out Bullying.


Overnight Front Desk

May 2021 - August 2021 Lake Havasu City, AZ
“Autonomy to work on tasks. Excellent morning club members.”

Customer Service Representative

December 2016 - August 2018 Newburgh, NY
“Great job with amazing staff and a respectful boss. Loved working with customers in an environment I enjoyed thoroughly, as working at the gym motivated myself to be more physically active.”
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