I'm interested in a pet care associate position at PetSmart, what can I expect from a normal day?

Animal Care Associates are responsible for daily husbandry and care of all animals that live in the store - betta fish, tropical/non-tropical fish, crickets, zebra finches, society finches, blue parakeets, green parakeets, canaries, green anoles, Bahaman anoles, long tailed lizards, ball pythons,...
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I'm trying to prepare myself for an upcoming interview at PetSmart, for a pet care associate position, can anyone share some tips?

PetSmart loves to have associates who know about three product. They'll ask what kind of pets you have, what brand of food you feed them, etc. It's fairly standard, and during my interview there was more of a focus on customer service. They might ask about when you were in a difficult situation a...
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How would you describe the company culture at PetSmart?

The culture felt friendly. There weren't very many workers (usually 2 of us in Pet Care at a time) so we got to know each other a lot. We also trusted one another to do our jobs and make sure the animals were taken care of, as well as the customers. Sometimes closing in Pet Care was hard when the...
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Compared to its main competitors, what are some areas where PetSmart stands out?

PetSmart has an exceptional training program that is much more comprehensive and involved relative to its competitors. This is also paid training. They also have the highest standards of safety in the industry, so you know you will be working to keep pets safe.
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What were the pros and cons about being a Pet Care Associate at PetSmart?

Likes:Working with animals; Feeling accomplished after scrubbing fish tanks; Talking to customers; Making customers happy; The gratitude customers had for me helping them; The people I worked with who also cared for animals; Learning how to take care of a wide variety of pets; Trying to hand feed...
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What does it take to succeed at PetSmart?

Be strong in customer service really. That's the most important part of the job: talk to the customers all the time. Getting to know them helps too. Also be patient; there will be some customers that want that hard-to-catch specific fish, or will be grumpy about something. And be good at task man...
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How do I prepare for an interview for an Animal Caretaker position at PetSmart?

Managers will be looking for a potential employee that either have experience in caring for animals or someone who is willing to learn. If you have previous experience, it would be best for you to emphasize it on your resume. If you do not have experience, don't worry - simply convey your passion...
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What's a day in the life of an Animal Caretaker at PetSmart like?

The shifts for animal caretaker begin at 6 am and end at 10 pm (depending on the store). The morning shift entails cleaning animal cages, feeding animals, administering medication to the sick animals, and pulling out any deceased fish from the tanks. Depending on the day, you may have to clean ou...
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Skills that are most useful for a certified pet care specialist role at PetSmart?

A true love and dedication to the well-being of all animals is the number one quality you need. It sounds cheesy but each animal has their own quirks and personalities which can make this job very stressful but very rewarding. Patience is key when dealing with a hundred plus animals a day. Also, ...
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Dog Groomer position at PetSmart?

Having previous experience in any customer service-type job is a major plus. Be prepared to answer scenario-based questions. Think back about times when you demonstrated exceptional time management and customer service and be ready to share your answer.
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What's it like being a groomer at petsmart?

Busy! As a groomer at PetSmart, you will check in your dogs and make recommendations based on the dog’s needs, bathe and dry your own dogs, clip and file nails, clean and pluck ears, perform breed standard haircuts or haircuts that meet the desires of the Pet Parents, fill out doggie report cards...
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How much work-life balance should I expect to have as a Dog Groomer at PetSmart?

Your work-life balance at PetSmart is entirely dependent on the individual. Once your scheduled shift is over, you’re free to go, but troubles from the day and thoughts about certain dogs can follow you home if you let them. Also, once you start to build your own business through clients at PetSm...
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Got any suggestions that might increase my odds of a successful interview for a package design internship at PetSmart?

Prepare yourself by thinking specifically about the position, what are important questions for your field. Also be prepared to answer why you'd want to work for PetSmart, they are a huge corporation with an even bigger passion for the love of pets. Play into that interest, share your own memories...
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Can someone share what they do as a package design intern at PetSmart?

Each day brought a different challenge, I was able to work closely with the Brand management team, Senior Art Directors, and Package Designers to develop packaging that would fit the PetSmart identity. When lucky I was also able to help out with photoshoots for products as well as plan for the ph...
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What are the common duties of a cashier at PetSmart ?

Pretty basic. Early morning sometimes you'd finish stocking what the stockers didn't finish the night before. Check people out, help customers find items, bag fish or crickets, sweep, organize around the register. At night you'd collect carts, take out trash, face the store, put away returns etc.
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Supervisor position at PetSmart?

It really depends on the supervisor position. But, generally, you should know something about the company and have prior experience working in a leadership position. You should have prior experience working with animals and some basic knowledge of animal medical care (primarily to work in the Pet...
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Skills that may help someone be successful as a PetHotel leader at PetSmart?

You need to be able to work under pressure with a lot of responsibilities. You also have to have amazing customer service skills dealing with pet parents, a lot of which tend to be really nit-picky. I have been yelled at, cussed at, had keys thrown at me for little things like not having a report...
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