Since our start in 1976, we have made over 500,000 pets happy with the addition of a pet door to their home. We know more about pet doors than anyone else in the world, and we love using our knowledge to help people find the perfect one.

We sell nearly every pet door available and since 2004 we have been manufacturing our own high performance line of pet doors called the Endura Flap. Endura Flap Pet Doors are the best in the industry and we owe it to our customers that their quality and performance are continuously exceptional.

Dogs are such big parts of our lives, at several are official members of our staff. Every day is "Bring Your Dog to Work Day" at our office in San Luis Obispo, California. Not only is this awesome for our dogs and our staff, but it allows us to constantly test our products with real puppy expertise.


Manufacturing Technician

August 2021 San Luis Obispo, CA
“Very flexible hours, friendly people, dogs in the office, always doing different things. There are lots of opportunities to work on different things. ”

Digital Marketing Specialist

December 2018 San Luis Obispo, CA
“I love working here! I bring my dog to work every day, and we usually have 5-7 dogs in the office on any given day. Besides the dogs, the people are amazing. They really make it fun to come to work! This is a small company with big goals, and it's growing fast. This means there's a lot of chances to work on interesting projects, or even create projects from insights or ideas you have on your own. There's a lot of freedom, and the CEO/COO are very easy to talk to and share ideas with.”
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