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About Pediatrics Plus

Pediatrics Plus is a specialized pediatric healthcare provider. We are committed to helping children succeed in all stages of life through evidence-based therapy (ABA, OT, PT, and Speech) and education, diagnostic services, state of the art facilities, specialized equipment, family support, and community investment.

At Pediatrics Plus, we work with a long-term goal in mind! We don't just help our clients reach their goals, but also work to provide a foundation that lasts and provides support long after they leave our care. Our goal is to produce successful, functional, and independent adults, which also results in a return on the state's investment in our children and families! We are committed to continually investing our time, effort, and resources into our families, our staff, and the community.

Since the beginning, Pediatrics Plus has remained dedicated to our original values and purpose, but with a progressive and innovative approach to serving children and families. Initially housed in a home office, Pediatrics Plus has grown since 2002 from providing home-health therapy services to approximately a dozen families, to an established specialized healthcare provider of both outpatient therapy and preschool services for more than 500 children with special needs and developmental delays.

We have 11 locations in Arkansas and 1 location in Frisco, Texas.

Our services include....

Outpatient Therapy:
Pediatrics Plus outpatient therapy provides applied behavior analysis, occupational, physical, and speech language therapy. Our therapists provide a comprehensive evaluation focused on the specific needs of the child and family and develop an individualized treatment plan based on those needs. Therapeutic interventions are used to help a variety of challenges that children may have including: language, pragmatics, auditory processing, speech, oral motor, feeding, swallowing, daily living, strength, range of motion, flexibility, balance, posture, body mechanics, coordination, and endurance.

Developmental Preschool:
Pediatrics Plus Developmental Preschool is a comprehensive and specialized health care program for children with special needs and developmental delays.

We believe in a multi-dimensional approach individually designed for each child. Based on the results of a comprehensive multi-disciplinary assessment, our team of professionals creates an individualized plan of care blending different and appropriate evidence based interventions. This plan is continually assessed and modified as needed in order to ensure each child continues to progress to his/her maximum potential.

Pediatrics Plus provides different varieties of sensory environments for learning. Our centers are equipped with playgrounds with wheelchair accessible surfaces and equipment to promote motor, social emotional, and sensory development; sensory-motor gyms; early literacy libraries; and functional play and natural environment simulated spaces to enhance carry over into the home.

RISE Counseling and Diagnostics Center:
Children who are struggling socially, emotionally, or behaviorally are oftentimes misunderstood and misdiagnosed. At Pediatrics Plus Counseling and Diagnostics, we want to provide families with an integrative approach to care. We believe that all behavior is purposeful. Research suggests that children and adolescents express their emotions through behaviors. Behavior can also reflect how children interpret and process information.

Our mission, at RISE, is to promote maximum cognitive and emotional growth. To achieve this mission and better serve our families, we are expanding our services to include counseling and diagnostic services.

RISE Counseling & Diagnostics is a highly trained team of professionals offering behavioral health services to children, teens, and families. We utilize evidence-based counseling techniques, a wide array of psychoeducational assessments, and board-certified psychiatrists to meet families’ needs. The RISE treatment team can provide wrap around services to children and families to ensure they are receiving the support needed to succeed.


Occupational Therapy Shadow

June 2018 - July 2018 Little Rock, AR
“I loved the entire experience! Each day is completely different from the next. The job is very flexible and people-oriented which was my favorite part. I was able to incorporate both my knowledge and creativity.”

Preschool Teacher

May 2019 - August 2019 Sherwood, AR
“I worked for Pediatrics Plus abut 3.5 years before I started the teaching program at UALR, so when I was done with classes for the semester I immediately knew I would be going back there for the summer. It was discussed and they let me know that if I ever did want to return during breaks they would be more than happy to make that happen. Because I was only back for the summer, I held a different position. I absolutely love Pediatrics Plus and highly recommend it”
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