Outback Steakhouse

About Outback Steakhouse

If you have a passion for the hospitality industry we are your Employer of Choice. Join our team at Outback Steakhouse and take on a fun and rewarding new challenge! We're proud to do things uniquely at Outback and strive to positively impact the lives of our people we call "Outbackers". We believe if you treat people "Just Right" then success is assured to follow. It's a culture of respect and camaraderie that breeds enthusiasm. We start with indulging each customer like a guest in our own home. We continue by committing to the success of each and every Outbacker to be trained to the best of their ability.

Outback Steakhouse is always looking for dedicated, fun-loving people to help make our restaurants a success. If you want more out of your career, you've come to the right place. Apply now!

Job Type: Part-time
Servers, To-go Specialists, Hosts, and Bussers



May 2019 Southern Pines, NC
“Fast money pace ”


January 2017 Lincoln, NE
“I like keeping busy and customer service ”
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