Has anyone gone into sales but majored in something completely unrelated?

So this is a complicated answer! I received my Bachelors in Health Science because I had originally been pursuing a Physical Therapy Degree. However, towards the end of my junior year, I realized that my heart was no longer in PT. By that time, I was only a couple credit hours away from graduatin...
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For my interview at Oracle, do you have any tips on what to be aware of before?

Research! - Find out who is interviewing you and stalk them on LinkedIn. Make notes and be to ask them about themselves. - Dig in to the company. Learn about their product portfolio, their history, who is on their Board - If you're financially literate, also dig in to financials (may not be easy ...
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Will I get guidance from upper management at Oracle?

It really depends on different team. For technical way, they always help answer questions you do, even though it is not specifically related to your duty. Additionally, they are always very helpful if you want to seek for another job after the internship. They can help you modify your resume, and...
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What skills will I need to be successful at Oracle?

Well, there are no separate set of skills that are needed to be a Software Engineer at Oracle. Its a very big and diverse organization looking for varied set of skills. In general, the engineer should be good in coding in Java preferably, should have great analytical and problem solving skills an...
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What does a regular day look like for an intern at Oracle?

The team I was apart of was very close and friendly; there was a very laid back feel. I had some flexibility in what I wanted to get out of the internship. I primarily helped with data entry and quality control of deal information entered into the Oracle applications. During my free time I took s...
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What does it take to do a remote/virtual internship at oracle?

Dedication, Timely matter, and ability to work at any time.

Skills to succeed at Oracle?

(1) Communication: experiences in human resources solutions and supervision, and of course, to have standard written English in analytical skills. (2) Technology: Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Cyperspace/Intranet systems (some database that corporations use to function their works). (3) Organi...
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When does the interview process typically start for Oracle interns? I have applied to a few positions that I haven't heard back from, was wondering if anyone had insights on that?

Interviewing can start any time from August to April. Short answer is as long as the job post still exists on the portal, they still have roles to fill and you have a shot.Oracle only posts one general job post on their application portal for all the teams that are hiring. And there are a LOT of ...

Does Oracle offer a training program for new employees/interns?

From a practical application standpoint, there is little to no training as a facilities professional. Most of my peers and I come to Oracle with years of experience. However, from an entry level perspective, this is a business where you learn by doing. The kind of experience you could get from...
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To what degree of ownership do you have at Oracle?

During my time I found that some work was autonomous, but due to the nature of the job there was very little independent judgement warranted nor process development/improvement. This is a good role for a new graduate from a Bachelor's degree program, or someone new to the HR space. I would only r...
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Looking for information on what an applications engineer intern might actually do at Oracle, is anyone willing to help me out?

So, I worked in Oracle’s West Conshohocken (PA) office. This office works on Oracle’s cloud-based enterprise software, "Oracle Prime”. I worked on its Platform team and most of my work revolved around working on Prime's micro-services. I would develop features as well as resolve critical bugs on ...
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Are there certain skills to help me succeed as an applications engineer intern at Oracle?

Java, Javascript, SQL, Web-services, Object oriented design & principles, Spring Framework, Web-application development, Enterprise application development, Relational databases, ORM, Source control, Distributed systems knowledge.
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How much work-life balance should I expect at Oracle?

Work life balance varies depending on what department you work in. It does exist in 8 months out of the year. These months are known as non-quarter end months. In this period, employees work an 8-5, Monday – Friday schedule. During these months you are free to request as much time off as you’d li...
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What can I expect to do as a software engineer at Oracle?

Well, it really depends on which team and role the engineer is hired for but in general a Software Engineer's task can vary from developing code, testing it once it is ready or even maintaining it once it is fully functioning and earns business. Usually, Software Engineers work on developing, te...
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