Should incoming analysts expect a reasonable amount of work ownership at Nielsen?

You will have full ownership of your work and you will be responsible for the projects you work on.
Analyst Work Ownership Market Research Research Analyst Nielsen
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How would you describe the company culture at Nielsen?

The culture's three pillars are: simple, open, and integrated. Nielsen really has a great culture with flexibility and open to new ideas.
Company Culture Market Research Nielsen
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What does Research Interviewer typically do at Nielsen?

As a bilingual research interviewer at Nielsen, you are going to spend most of the time on the phone interviewing people from all over the country and Puerto Rico. You will be calling people to determine if they're eligible and would like to participate in a research media study.
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What are the main experiences that I should focus on in an interview for a data science internship at Nielsen?

Nielsen had just made the shift to using Python, so they were very excited that I had experience with the language. My manager and colleagues said they liked my sense of curiosity, so I would ask a lot of questions in a potential interview. My manager also mentioned that she hired me because I ha...
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What should data science interns be expected to earn at Nielsen?

I received $20 / hour.
Internship Compensation Market Research Data Scientist Nielsen
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What were some of the training programs Nielsen provided for full time employees?

The program is called NAD (Nielsen Answer Desktop). If you have heard or ever came across using Tableau, it's pretty much alike in terms of a tools to analyze the data. And please don't worry about this program as you will be given training and exercise to excel on this program as a preparation t...
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What were the pros and cons of working as a full-time employee at Nielsen?

What I really like about my job was that we faces changes in the market every quarter - that keep you excited every time you do the analysis even for the same market itself. The delivery of the analysis is very challenging and you can never be bore about your work. However, what can put you down ...
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What are the main qualities/experiences that I should focus on in an interview for Nielsen's Supply Chain Sustainability internship?

This position required the ability to distill vast amounts of information down into key takeaways in order to come up with KPIs for the Nielsen Sustainability program. Qualitative Analysis skills are needed in order to code information for reporting.
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Can someone talk about the training program that Nielsen has for their Global Communications interns?

As a global communications intern, I had one or two days of intern training/meetings with all of the interns in the office, regardless of their department. It was a fun and immersive way to learn more about Nielsen, its executives, and to get to know the other interns. In terms of specific global...
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What did you like and dislike about being an intern at Nielsen?

I loved seeing my work actually being published. Several of the articles I wrote were published onto Nielsen’s news center, which is its public blog. My social media posts were also published, and I created a daily news brief that was sent to all global employees of Nielsen. Seeing that news brie...
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What do you actually do as an Analyst at Nielsen?

As for our routine work as an analyst, there are fun parts but also “tedious” parts, depends on what kind of work you’re comfortable with. Part of the work, you deal with data – include reading through and analyze tables and transcripts; part of the work is all about people, you’ll corporate with...
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Would Nielsen be a good place to kickstart a career as an Analyst?

Nielsen would be a good start if you’re planning to build a career in market research. You will gain experience quickly because you'll get involved in the whole process of conducting an independent research: starting from propose the research, research design, fieldwork, data analysis, all the wa...
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How much leeway do you have when conducting interviews at Nielsen?

As a research interview you are given a script that needs to be followed almost exactly however we are allowed some freedom when it comes to establishing rapport with the customer we are talking to.
Work Ownership Market Research Research Interviewer Nielsen
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For past social media interns at Nielsen, what did you day comprise of?

I developed articles based on Nielsen's market research reports for its media platform in China, including Wechat and Weibo which have more than 1 million followers. Besides, I also helped polish news release to publish in some web portals and magazines. Sometimes I also need to develop some inno...
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As someone interested in working at Nielsen, what is something unique about the company applicants wouldn't typically know?

One of the many plus-sides to working at Nielsen is the scheduling. Mainly evening shifts are available as a new Research Interviewer. Having the daytime free is a great work-life balance to me.
Work-Life Balance Market Research Research Interviewer Nielsen
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How much work-life balance should I be expected to have as a Research Interviewer at Nielsen?

You can expect a great work-life balance, they are very flexible with the schedules, and they will work with your availability. Also there is overtime available for those who are interested.
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