National Journalism Center

About National Journalism Center

Since launching in 1977, the National Journalism has graduated more than 4,000 journalists. Today, we estimate more than 1,000 continue to work in media and media-related positions at a variety of organizations. In addition, NJC alumni have written more than 100 books, some of which have developed from ideas and projects at the National Journalism Center.

In 2001, NJC became a project of Young America’s Foundation. Today, NJC utilizes the Foundation’s many resources, speakers, and student and campus contacts to continue to reach and educate increasing numbers of young people interested in becoming truth-seeking journalists.

NJC alumni succeed after their internships because of the rigorous training they receive while in the program. The training consists of firsthand experience at trusted media outlets as well as educational seminars at Young America’s Foundation headquarters in Reston, Va. The focused classroom experience equips NJC interns with the skills they'll need to become valuable assets for their placements and future employers.

National Journalism Center interns hear from numerous speakers throughout each session. Speakers range from all mediums, including print, digital, radio, and broadcast, providing students with a broad understanding of journalism as a profession. Leading policy experts, commentators, and writers also ensure students learn the basic tenants of conservatism and free enterprise — ideas not taught at most journalism schools.

NJC participants are often rising seniors or recent graduates, so an emphasis is placed on developing valuable workplace skills to assist all students in their job searches. The program also offers networking opportunities, sessions on resume crafting and interview skills, and valuable career coaching during and after the program.


News Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Washington, DC
“I got so much real world experience in the broadcast world. I was able to produce videos, news stories for radio, social media posts and marketing related content for my placement. I also made strong connections with people in the industry and have a super mentor now.”

Summer Fellow

May 2019 - August 2019 Washington, DC
“Engaging, fascinating speakers from every conceivable field in, and adjacent to, journalism. Lots of opportunities to acquire additional experience through hands-on workshops. Great people and company, tours of D.C., and other perks. The office is excellent. ”
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