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How does National Grid's large team reflect in their company culture?

My experience with the National Grid culture was a rather positive one! The people were very nice and enthusiastic. It was an extremely relaxed as simultaneously productive environment and the leads genuinely cared for the participants which helped immensely in the overall interaction from the gr...
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How should I follow up with a National Grid recruiter after first initially meeting them?

We've accellerated our recruiting timelines for our Gridtern & Graduate Decelopment Program positions! Postings are live for applications in September & October with offers being extended between November & January. If you have any questions, you can reach a member of the recruiting team at box.C...
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Was each day as a Civil Engineer Intern at National Grid stagnant, or did you have different tasks each day?

This depends on which department that you're in. But generally speaking people work a 7am-3pm shift to beat traffic (I worked in the Waltham office). I spent a lot of time putting together work order documents and designing main and service replacements for natural gas lines. As an intern, Nation...
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How often would you say the work you do vary as a project manager at National Grid?

As an Associate Project Manager, my days always vary. Some days I will be out walking through a construction site, working with contractors on the logistics of the project, while others I will be sitting in the office ensuring that my project forecast and schedule align with. The majority of da...
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Did you have a stable work-life balance working as a project manager at National Grid?

As my day to day schedule varies, so does my yearly schedule. Often the construction season, which runs from April to November, is my busiest season, where I am out in the field more often and busy finishing administrative stuff during the few days I am in the office. The winter is the quieter ...
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